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Local man dies after living at center of medical marijuana debate

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A Scott County, Iowa man, convicted of marijuana charges after he used it for medicinal purposes, has reportedly died.

Benton Mackenzie, his wife Loretta and their son, Cody, were convicted of manufacturing marijuana after 71 marijuana plants were seized from their home in May 2013.

Benton’s parents were initially charged as well, but those charges were later dropped.

Mackenzie said he used cannabis oil from the plants to treat his angiosarcoma cancer; and he claimed some tumors diminished, and some even vanished, with the use of cannabis oil.

Mackenzie admitted in testimony in July 2014 that the plants were his, but he was not allowed to say that he had cancer or that he used cannabis oil from the plants to treat it.

The Mackenzie family celebrates the new year 2015 (photo provided by the family)

The Mackenzie family celebrates the new year 2015 (photo provided by the family)

Mackenzie and his wife planned to appeal their conviction after they were each sentenced to three years of probation. Their son was given a suspended sentence. A gofundme account was established to try to help the family settle in Oregon, where cannabis oil was legal for treatment of his condition.

A post Sunday, January 11, 2015 to a Facebook page dedicated to supporting Benton Mackenzie, he looked “close to going home.”

His family shared with News 8 a post from January 12, confirming his son discovered Benton passed away sometime between 1 and 3 a.m.

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  • Dr. Kenneth Tennant

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH ? This article reports that the “Judge” ordered this man not to tell the whole truth to the jury about his cancer….These stuck-on-stupid policy makers and law enforcement officials have blood on their filthy hands. see new film: BOUGHT and You Tube: Emperor of Hemp & aka Tommy Chong. The Judiciary here is either a COMEDY OF ERRORS or a TRAGEDY with Frauds Acting Under Color of Law. -Dr. Kenneth Tennant

    • Josppht

      Yeah, the place you’re suppose to be guaranteed free speech and you can only say what the judge tells you you can say. What does that tell you about a court? Its just a bunch of Nazis anymore. They murdered this guy and kept what his motives were from the jury. They should be put to death.

  • Delbert Roberts

    I think it is a travesty of justice that a judge of these united states would make the defendant in a trial hold back facts that would have had such bearing in his trial and would surely lead to the defendants death,our government is criminal in it’s proceedings

  • Skot Pierson

    I have no words for the disgust I feel for a criminal justice system that muzzles a man by preventing him from telling the full truth in a courtroom. The Judge who muzzled him is guilty of Negligent Homicide and should be defrocked, charged and tried for it.

    • Dr. Kenneth Tennant

      Read: SNAKES IN SUITS by Jonas Alexis. The hallmark of these creatures is “…a stunning lack of conscience.” Henry Latham, like most Administrative Law Judges, belong to a secret society that could care less about the constitution. He knowingly, wantonly perverted justice by gaging the truth on a number of levels. Another is the fact that Informed Juries can try the law itself. Notice how jurors are not “Instructed” on this point. Why not ? Latham and his ilk are a sorry excuse of humanity. see new film: BOUGHT. The real criminals, according to US Chief Prosecutor, Telford Taylor, are the Chemical companies (he named BAYER, BASF specifically at the Nuremburg trials) MONSANTO NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED AND PROSECUTED.

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