Woman dies in officer-involved shooting in Burlington

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A woman died in a reported officer-involved shooting.

During a domestic call in the 100 block of South Garfield Avenue, an officer with the Burlington Police Department fired his weapon hitting 34-year-old Autumn Mae Steele, according to the Iowa Department of Public Safety (IDPS). The incident reportedly happened around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, January 6, 2015.

Initial findings indicated that Officer Jesse Hill fired his weapon twice, and one round reportedly struck Steele in the mid-torso, according to IDPS.

IDPS said that Steele died while she was being treated for the gunshot wound.

Officer Hill was taken to an area medical center and received treatment for dog bites before being released.

A neighbor who said they saw the incident told News 8 that the officer was attempting to shoot a dog at the scene, but slipped.

"She was beating up on the guy. As the cops rolled up, she was beating up on him. He ran over to break up the fight. The dog ran over to the cop, kind of in a playful way he jumped up on the cop's back. I don't believe the cop ever seen the dog until he was on his back. He spun around to try to deal with the dog. He pulled his weapon and he was firing at the dog, I believe he shot one before he went down, but I'm not positive about that, it happened so quickly, so both shots might have happened while he was falling during which he hit the lady and she went down," said the neighbor who did not want to be identified.

“The Burlington Police Department and the Iowa of Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) recognize the impact this incident has on the Steele family, Officer Hill, fellow officers of the Burlington Police Department, and the community alike,” said a spokesperson from IDPS. “With that said, the Iowa DCI continues to conduct interviews and examine all physical and forensic evidence to ensure a thorough and impartial investigation.

An autopsy for Steele was scheduled for Thursday, January 8, 2015.


    • Steve

      A human being lost their life because of an Officer’s incompetence. You do not fire when you do not know what is down range.

      This cop needs to be fired and jailed.

      • Steve

        How many facts do you need. He shot at a dog, and hit a human being. What more needs to be said? If you shot at a dog and hit a human being your butt would be in jail right now.

    • Steve

      And why would that matter? An innocent human being lost their life because an officer was surprised by what witnesses called a friendly dog?

      Did you watch and/or read the story? All of this was covered including the answers to your question.

      This cop needs to go to jail!

      • Arariel

        Shut up, Steve. You don’t know the exact situation, you don’ know if it was incompetence. Keep your opinions to yourself until you have the full story.

      • Steve

        How many facts do you need. He shot at a dog, and hit a human being. What more needs to be said? If you shot at a dog and hit a human being your butt would be in jail right now.

      • david

        Because news don’t provide the whole story. Unless u see everything unfold with every detail, then everything can’t be told in one story. Nice dogs can turn vicious when it comes to family protection just the same as a police k-9. Hell the dog’s paw coulda got in the trigger and actually pulled it. Yes when breaking up a fight then the gun should have been put away but their is more than meets the eye. People are too quick to judge on a story than seeing the whole picture.

      • Arariel

        Reading the rest of your comments, I pity you. You’re just another cop hating thug who’d rather we live in a law-less world with no one to stop criminals. Do us a favor, leave everything. Your kind is not wanted.

  • Dave

    Why do cops feel that have to take care of “vicious” dogs by shooting them. It happens a lot more ofter then you think.

    • Karan

      Sounds like this cop was another Barney Fife. Mabe they should have given him a gun with rubber ammo and better yeat a squirt gun

  • Peggy

    These comments truly sadden me. Jesse Hill is the most polite, generous and giving person I have ever met for a young man his age. He is not a thug and is a very fine, upstanding young man with a wonderful family and was brought up the right way! Unless you know him and the situation please do not make senseless comments. He is an officer of the law and was doing his job. Accidents do happen. I stand by Jesse and his family 100% and hope and pray he can get through this situation.

    • Steve

      As an Officer of the Law he is supposed to be proficient with a weapon. One of the first things you learn is NOT to fire when you do not know what is down range. To do so is Incompetent, reckless and down right STUPID. It was an accident but it was an accident that resulted from negligence. He needs to be fired and prosecuted. A human being was killed. The young lady who was killed has family and friends who care about her as well.

      • Courtney

        He didn’t stand, check the area to be clear, aim, and fire his weapon…He slipped on the ice. I’d like to see you hit a moving target accurately while falling on your rear. It probably wouldn’t go well. Unfortunately fatal accidents happen every day every where. It does not make him incompetent or reckless. And I highly doubt that anyone on this thread has suggested that the womans family and friends didn’t care. Of course people care about her! Just because someone can see a mistake and an accident for what it is doesn’t mean they’re being cold hearted to the situation. Everyone needs to grow up, and stop being so quick to point the finger. Don’t make an absolutely horrible situation worse by spewing hatred.

      • Will

        “Steve” She obviously wasn’t innocent if she had to be called in and was beating up on him when cops arrived. You’re not a cop and don’t know everything but you think you do. You were never in the same situation and probably never will be and once you do if you do then talk. You honestly think you know everything but if you were him right now, you would be in misery. Like I said once and I’m going to say it again… You are not him or are a police officer. Maybe a mall cop but it’s pretty sad when you have to copy and paste facts that may or may not be true. If you knew this man, you would probably be on his side because that’s just how people are. I may know him or may not but I do not care who it is, this was obviously a mistake and all you men that stay home and have your wife do the working and just comment on breaking news, need to get out of your chair and actually do something with your life. This man got a job that he liked and then all of a sudden his life is going to be in misery for a long time and everyone will say stuff about it and keep pushing it farther and farther down. What if this was you? Everyone online saying stuff about you and won’t stop? Just think about it. No cop wants to be remembered as the cop who killed a woman. You are not in the same position as him. So all of you that just comment and put down people need to just quit. Think about it, he probably can’t sleep, always can’t stop thinking about what happened, and is probably looking at all these comments as you guys type and say negative stuff about people. You will never be in the same position as this man.

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