The Eric Factor: Still a shot at snow by this weekend

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Last week, I discussed the possibility of snow for this upcoming weekend (January 3, 2015). [Click here for last week's blog post.] All weekend long the models have wobbled on the stormtrack and intensity. But one thing is for sure, the time is right for something bigger to blossom and traverse the country. The longer we go without a strong area of low pressure, the greater chance we'll see one. Simply put, every two weeks or so, we usually see a developing, strong area of low pressure somewhere on our continent. And for a while now, it's been pretty quiet.

Winter Storm Watches are out for Las Vegas for a snow that could pile up several inches on New Year's Eve! That's the same energy that will eject out of the Rockies and head across the Central U.S. this weekend. But the devil is still in the details on where this goes. There's no need to hype this snow potential up, rather show where there's a sticking snow potential. If you have travel plans Saturday, that looks like the day we could see snow...or nothing. It all depends on the track. We won't get much refinement for a few more days.

But for snow-lovers, the fact that weather guidance has kept this possibility around for many days now means there's an increasing chance that we'll turn things white this week. Stay tuned!