Longest living married couple in Minnesota getting lost photos back

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Long-lost photos of a Minnesota couple married for 77 years will soon be back in their hands after a stranger discovered the pictures inside a second-hand photo album at a Goodwill Store in Moline.

The album was bought by a woman named Kathi Sweeney Hill  for her daughter for $1.88, but she soon found the old photos and was determined to find the owners.

After a WQAD story was posted onto a Facebook page of a name found on the back of one of the photos, the mystery was solved on Monday.

"They are my grandparents, Ervin and Verna Kaduce", said Mike Kaduce, of Mapleton, Minnesota.

"It was their 65th wedding anniversary celebration. They've been married 77 years now. The longest living married couple in Minnesota. It's kind of a neat story", he said.

Kaduce says the couple is "tickled" to have been the subject of a WQAD story, and now in their 90's, "are still very much in love."

He doesn't know  how the photo album wound up at a Goodwill 300 miles away.

"We have no idea. We don't have any family in the Quad Cities area. It's hard to say exactly. But we would like the pictures back, if we could," he said.

WQAD has put the Kaduces in touch with Kathi Sweeney Hill, and the photos should be on their way soon.

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