Gravity Hoax shared 1,000,000+ times so far

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Have you seen the alert swirling around social media to #BeReady for the Earth to briefly lose gravitational pull on January 4, 2015? The story says that at exactly 9:47am on January 4th, you will be able to jump up and stay in the air due to the planets being in perfect alignment. And that "news" has been shared more than a million times on Facebook.

nasaWhy are so many people believing this one? Maybe it's because there's an image with the story (left) that appears to come from NASA which all but proves the hoax. But just because it looks real, doesn't mean that it is. Let's consider how easy it is to make a fake tweet. In less than a minute via you can make a fake tweet and then save the image. Bet you didn't know it was so easy to put words in someone else's mouth!

So that's how this hoax got started. Put out a fake story and paste an image on it that makes it look like it's verified by a legitimate organization.

Sorry to break it to you that we won't go weightless on Sunday.

And another word to the wise: before you go sharing and retweeting things online, consider doing some homework first. Can you answer the question "Is this inforamtion coming from a legitimate news site?" If you're still unsure, do a quick Google search. If your homework makes you go "Wow!" then by all means share and RT.

And make sure to #beready for internet hoaxes in the future because they're looking even more real these days.