Goodwill shopper searching for owners of mystery family photos

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A Quad City woman is trying to unlock a mystery discovered at a Goodwill Store in Moline.

After buying a used photo album for her daughter, she found pictures of an extended family at a wedding, a 65th wedding anniversary celebration, and a family reunion.

"They look so happy. My wedding, my dad wasn't able to be at my wedding, so I want for whoever it belongs to, to be with them," said Kathi Sweeney Hill of Carbon Cliff.

"I just want to see this go to the rightful family. Cherished moments that can never be replaced," she said.

Some of the photos have names on the back. Great Grandma Verna Kaduce, Grandpa Ervin Kaduce, Myron Kaduce, Betty Drill,  Phyllis McCoy.

WQAD messaged some of the names on Facebook, but so far, no one has called.

The folks at Goodwill say if someone donated the photo album by mistake with the pictures still inside, it's not that uncommon.

"We get pictures a lot more than you probably think. Generally, we try to take them out in case someone comes back. People do call and donate things by accident," said Manager Tami Buckallew.

Sweeney Hill is hoping someone comes forward.

"You never know if it was the last photo you had with that family member," she said.


  • Rick Lundeen

    Well, I just typed in the name of Ervin (Kaduce) seems a bit uncommon, and came up with several news stories about him and his wife and their kids: they apparently live in Mapleton Minn. So I would not think it would be that difficult to locate them or find their next of kin. Probably someone died and this book was one of things donated without it being gone through. .

  • Sandi Kaduce

    Thank you! Ervin and Verna are my husband’s grandparents. He is actually driving to see them tomorrow. Could someone please email me at I will also post on our family’s private Facebook page.

  • jim koberg

    That was Shaleia Murray photo album, her last name is now Vaughn her mother Beverly lives in the quad cities, Shaleia lives in Iowa City

  • Beverly Murray

    Yes Shaleia moved the last of her things the first of December to a small town near Iowa City and I moved closer to Chicago. It must’ve gotten mixed into the last of the Goodwill items dropped off in Moline. Shaleia will be gathering the lost treasure and is so very greatful. Jim Koberg is her dad and most of the photos are of their side of the family. They have a wonderfully close family and I’ve remained very close to many of them. Betty Drill is her grandmother. Thank you for helping her recover these family photos that her children will one day enjoy as well. God bless.

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