Iowa City officer accidentally shoots himself and another officer

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While a police officer was cleaning a gun, it reportedly discharged causing the officer to accidentally shoot himself and another officer.

The Iowa City police officers had been doing a routine cleaning of their service weapons at the Iowa City Police Department Monday, November 10, 2014, according to a release from the City of Iowa City.  The city’s Daily Activity log indicated that at 8:37 two ambulances were sent to their department on Highway 6 East when an officer accidentally fired his weapon, shooting himself and another nearby officer. 

Both sustained non-life-threatening injuries.  The officers were taken to nearby hospitals, were treated and released.

The release stated that the names of the officers were not going to be released.  The Iowa City Police Department planned to conduct an internal investigation.


  • Katina Cooper

    Why hasn’t he been arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a police officer? It it had been one of the commoners, SWAT would have busted down the door, killed everyone in the place and then, placed guns in every ones hands and claimed that they feared for their lives. Why wasn’t the same thing done to the cop who shot another cop?

  • Justin stevens

    Do these people even have to qualify to become an officer and carry a deadly weapon? How ignorant are these people who are in contact with weapons every day yet don’t know that every weapon is treated as if it’s loaded! Now like always they’ll investigate themselves and he’ll get paid leave and no charges

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