Rock Island County Republican voters claim voting machine ‘changed their vote’

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Rock Island County Republican voters gathered outside of the Rock Island County Clerk's office on Friday, October 24, alleging a voting machine switched their vote.

Voters said when they selected a candidate on the electronic voting machine, the machine would switch their vote to the opposing candidate.

Voters claim it happened to them at the Moline Library.

"The 'x' went into his box, and then two seconds later, the box and his name went away and it was totally blank, and then the 'x' went into the opponents box," Joyce Glassner said.

A similar incident happened to Christina Kirik.

"The voting machine that I was on, when I touched the candidate I wanted to vote for, it would automatically jump to the opposing candidate," Kirik continued, "I had to go back and correct in three times."

Some voters told News 8 that even though they caught the alleged error, they were unsure if it happened to other voters who didn't catch the alleged glitch.

"At this point, I would just prefer to vote on a paper ballot," Kirik said.

Republican congressional hopeful Bobby Schilling attended the gathering outside of the clerk's office.

According to Rock Island County Clerk Karen Kinney, four voters filed a complaint on Friday, October 24.

Kinney said the machine in question was being pulled for precautionary measures. She added that voters had nothing to worry about.


  • jrandl

    They can get away with that just like they did at the last presidential election, Its simple. they knew most people were not going to vote for Obama so they switched the majority from Romney to Obama, Flip a switch and it automatically does thr opposite. Any fool knows Obama never got that many votes.Why do you think they set up polling places in Mexico and right on our border, Why do you think the people in Mexico are getting food stamps from the American taxpayers,The only chance of a fair vote is a purple finger. Why were thr polling places set up in our prisons for the convicts ? Hell if they can get refund checks, you know thr voting.These politicians have ruined the chance of ever having another honest election.

  • Ruthi Wolter

    voters have nothing to worry about….and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain……’nuff said

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