Family questions quick release of accused drunk driver

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The family of Teangelo Garrard, a Rock Island man killed after being hit by an accused drunk driver, said they don't understand how the man arrested in the case was only held in the Scott County Jail for 23 minutes before bonding out.

"Twenty three minutes after killing a person, that's not right." said Adrianna McBride, the victim's cousin.

"Not only did he kill someone but look at all the other people it effected directly. So many people,  just because of his one stupid and selfish action," McBride said. "I think they need to look at the laws better."

Police arrested Robert Aguirre, 61, of Davenport on Saturday, September 20, 2014. He was charged with homicide by vehicle, OWI, failure to yield left turn and no insurance.

Police said Garrard was riding a motorcycle westbound on West Locust when Aguirre turned in front of him.  Garrard died of massive head injuries.

"He was loved by so many people. He was a great kid," said Garrard's mother, Felicia McBride.

"He just turned 24 years old, now he has a six-month-old baby who will never know his dad," Felicia McBride said.  "I just want justice, I don't want a plea deal."

Garrard worked at O'Reilly Auto Parts in Davenport, and he was one of six kids.

"I loved him and I didn't get to tell him that. I talked to him on Friday, he was all happy about his cars," said Garrard's younger brother, Malik Ross.

A fund to help pay for funeral expenses was set up at IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union.


  • Paul Sobotka

    The amount of time it took to “bond out” means nothing. If the Police are done processing him and his bond money is there. He can leave. When one is arrested, it’s not punishment it’s the start of the process. He still needs to be found guilty in court.

  • John Ludwig

    Yes, Paul you are right about all of that, but now he is free to possibly get drunk again and get behind the wheel. If another innocent person dies, would they then keep this menace off the street?

  • Hannah Phillips

    Teangelo was a very loved kid he was a very good friend of mine. The driver should sit in jail for all of this. First off he should have never been behind the wheel because now his family and friends are suffering from the loss of there loved one. Second off the police should have placed his bail high enough so he had to sit there and think about what he had done. What I don’t understand is when someone who gets an owi sits in jail for 24-48 hours and this man gets an owi and vehicular homicide and is bailed out in 21 minutes? Maybe the judicial system should check there laws and rethink everything. This isn’t fair by all means!
    Hannah Nolan-Phillips

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