Dead and sick animals found at Illinois animal hospital

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A police officer made a gruesome discovery while delivering a stray dog to an animal hospital in suburban Chicago.

As part of an agreement with the Village of Dolton, Illinois, stray animals are taken to privately-owned Dolton Animal Hospital.  When the police officer went into the facility Sunday afternoon, September 21, 2014, the officer found four dead dogs, in various stages of decay, and several sick animals in the unfinished basement of the hospital.

Nine dogs and one cat were removed from the animal hospital; all of the surviving animals were reportedly severely malnourished and had no food or water. Two of the dogs were being boarded and the rest were strays.

Veterinarian Dr. Amardeep Sangha, the owner of the hospital, said sometimes stray animals police brought to his facility were already in such bad shape that they could not be helped.

“We try to do the best we can,” Sangha said.

State records showed Dr. Sangha held a valid veterinary license in Illinois since 1990, and there were no records of any previous disciplinary action by the state veterinary board.

A city inspector cited the animal hospital owners a few days prior to the discovery, after an inspector verifying complaints of tall weeds and grass around the building, according to Dolton Mayor Riley Rogers.


  • Helen Sanderson

    I’ve known Dr Sangha and his family for 10+ years. As a side note, I own an adorable German Shepherd (he is the love of my life!). I have NEVER seen anything out of sorts in Dr Sangha’s practice. Further, I went on a little tour around his practice. He is so meticulous. All the cages had food and water! I’ve known employees (sorry Melissa!!) who thought he was strict but was very serious about his job.

    I also know his family very well. He looks after his parents and family…. and he is active in his community. As far as taking money and cashing checks (as some people have said) – I’ve never seen him do anything but give….whether it’s to the community or anyone else who needs a helping hand. He’s not like other vets who have multi million dollar homes. His family are very humble and very well respected.

    Again, I feel I am extremely qualified to draw these judgments. I have visited his hospital many times. It is in a run down area – but his hospital is always very clean. I am not side tracked by the news that I have been reading for the past few days. The police and news outlets sometimes get it wrong (I am in the law profession) ! I base my opinion on facts. Right now he was CHARGED he is not GUILTY.

    I would only ask people to wait for the case to follow through before passing judgment. It breaks my heart that such an adorable family is going through such a terrible time. HOWEVER, if he is guilty – then he should be punished. I don’t know what I would do if my dog had died :-( …..Right now though, I cannot believe what I have read.

    Again, this is my personal opinion. My heart goes out to the dogs who are suffering ….. and to the family suffering. This is a difficult situation. Right now, Dr Sangha is innocent in my eyes. I cannot think otherwise until I hear from the judge.

    • jason

      Meticulous? Dead dogs rotting in the basement??? What more do you need to know lady? Oh and he needs to mow the lawn too. Guarantee this is the wife writing it

  • Wendy Williams

    Even Adolph Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy had fans and people who adored them, they were idiots in the end too.

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