Local doctor goes on trial to face charges of molesting patients

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The trial for a Quad City doctor, accused of sexually assaulting patients during exams at a Moline clinic, has begun.

Dr. Norman Williams is charged with four counts of sexual assault, in connection with four different patients at Gastroenterology Consultants in Moline.

The first alleged victim took the stand Monday, September 8, 2014.  She testified she was molested by Dr. Williams in June of 2011.

She told the jury there was not a nurse present in the room, when Williams allegedly told her to take her pants off for a rectal exam.

"He told me to get undressed with him in the room," she said.

She testified the doctor then inserted two fingers into her vagina and moved them in and out five to six times.

"Something didn't feel right, and I jumped and turned around and I looked, and noticed he didn't have any gloves on. He did this whole thing without gloves on. I'm in shock, I can't believe this is happening," she testified.

She said she went to her car in a daze, and then called her husband and aunt to tell them what had just happened.

"I was crying and I let her know that this doctor just sexually touched me.  I didn't know what to do," she said.

She said she later contacted an attorney.

Defense attorney Gerry Schick told the jury during opening statements that the four women are in it for the money, and said two of the four have filed $100,000 lawsuits against Williams.

"An attempt to get into the doctor's pockets without any violation of criminal law," Schick said, saying the charges are unfair.

The first alleged victim said she went through bouts of depression and anger after the incident and "prayed to God, 'please do not let this man get away with this.'"

Three other alleged victims, as well as family members, were expected to take the stand during the trial.