‘Mr. Thanksgiving’ rides Ferris wheel for 13 hours

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A man who is passionate about helping the hungry rode the Ferris Wheel at Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport for 13 hours, all in the name of his cause.

Bob Vogelbaugh, AKA “Mr. Thanksgiving” boarded the amusement ride Saturday, September 6, 2014 for his latest Thanksgiving Feast fundraiser. He was aboard the ride from 9 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Each year Vogelbaugh hosts a Thanksgiving Day meal at SouthPark Mall in Moline for those who don’t have a place to go. Three weeks before his Ferris Wheel feat, Vogelbaugh raised $1,300 that will go toward funding the meal.

“When you're up here like this you get a total different view of the region on both sides of the river and the Quad Cities is beautiful, but it's a little more beautiful from seeing it up here," Vogelbaugh said.

Vogelbaugh went into the feat with a plan of attack. He bought a new cooler so he could bring food to enjoy on the ride and said he wanted to bring a seat cushion to make it more comfortable. Naps weren’t ruled out either.

He said he’s not afraid of heights and has no problems with vertigo.

“I’ve got enough Dramamine in me that I don’t even notice it,” Vogelbaugh said.

This fundraiser was a kick-off to a series of Saturday nonprofit Ferris Wheel fundraisers. Each week, a different organization will take the Ferris Wheel challenge.