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Respiratory Virus Spreads Among Children In Illinois, Missouri

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A disease is spreading among children and it all starts with the common cold.

It's called Enterovirus 68, or HEV 68. The respiratory virus begins with a fever, runny nose, sneezing, and coughing, but hundreds of kids in part of the Midwest are ending up in the hospital.

Last week, WQAD's Sister Station, KTVI in St. Louis, reported that the St. Louis Children's Hospital has seen an increase in patients and another hospital says its cases are up 50%.

About four hours west in Kansas City, Missouri, WQAD's Sister Station, WDAF, reported on the same day that Children’s Mercy Hospital has seen more than 300 cases in recent days in kids of all ages.

This week, two hospitals in Quincy, Illinois announced its putting age restrictions on visitors because of the respiratory virus. CNN reports that the virus brought 70 kids to the hospital over the Labor Day Weekend.

"When you see a hospital have 70 children in over a weekend, that is kind of unusual, so we always keep an eye on things going around in the area," said Lisa Caffery, RN and Infection Prevention Coordinator for Genesis Health System.

Caffery says they have not seen any cases of the virus in our area, but as we approach cold and flu season, it's a virus that is seen occasionally, especially as kids go back to school and are in constant interaction.

"It's easily spread from person to person through contact with respiratory secretions and so that's why children are probably more at risk than adults, but adults can get it as well."

Health officials also say most of those infected are kids who have underlying conditions like asthma.

Caffery says if your child has trouble breathing or a fever they can't break, bring them to the hospital or a doctor.

To lower your chances of getting sick, Caffery says go back to basics: stay home if you and your child come down with something, wash your hands frequently, cover your coughs and sneezes, and get a flu shot.


  • jrandl

    You havent saw nothing yet, as soon as school starts with all these illegal disease peddlers will start infiltrating our schools All hell is going to break loose. Diseases we never even heard of are coming across that border right now completely unchecked Thanks to a traitorous incompetent government who are planting sick illegals in just the right places, secretly not telling the public where thre dumping them.all over the country,.And a dysfunctional congress sitting thr watching a trap to see which mice will get the cheese and who wont.

      • Justyn

        No tin foil hat needed. This virus is not common in the US, but it is guess where? If we see a huge surge off illegal immigrants, we are bound to see a huge surge in diseases from their countries as many of those countries do not vaccinate like we do. It’s not conspiracy, it’s normal migration of disease.

  • miss nobody

    Don’t worry Justin there still 38% that support Obama and there on this thread there brainwashed Obama drone’s you can’t reach them there to far Left for any reasonable enlightenment

  • Benita

    Wow? Which border? Of course you must mean the Mexican border because that is the only one we have? Never mind the Europeans and Asians and middleeasterners who also can come in illegally from under developed countries who do not vaccinate. I mean Canada is a border country most come foreigner can come from their. Oh but let’s blame the dirty Mexicans who come here to clean your house, scrub your toilets, mow your lawn. Let’s blame the Honduran who cares for your children, or the Guatemalan who sells fruit on the corner to feed his family. Let’s blame the Mexican woman who stands on her feet for 12 to 18 hours for your $2.00 tip. Yep. Its all their fault. Its ignorance like this that makes america ugly. We are all immigrants not one person other than native Americans can say this is their land. This is not a blame game. So learn your history, you do not want to be schooled by a Mexican-Puerto Rican American. I am beyond offended by your display of ignorance. No I am not illegal, I am 3rd generation born and raised here in the U.S.A. but all you see is my skin, my last name. Stop thee hate.

    • jrandl

      Which border did you think i meant, How about just the one that thousands of illegals are coming over every day Undocumented, uninoculated, that means no shots for anything what so ever, and were supposed to like it. In civilized countries most people are quarantined before they are allowed to invade another country if thr as stupid as the US.anyway.You call that hate that we dont want you in here illegally I call it smart.Your not talking to this brainless lying government we have now.,Thr is such a thing as self preservation.and thr is no law against that. Our history has nothing to do with or anything like your history of smuggling, doping, killing,,invading another country and especially robbing the American taxpayers of all the benefits they paid into for years . You shouldn’t get a dimes worth of help from us and no rights what so ever. So you can take your name calling and shove it.

    • loulou

      Wow, ease up girl. Why are you so defensive? Because you know most of us are right. So I suppose you think the news reports we see and hear on a daily basis target just on the Mexicans? No, it’s because they are reporting what is in the now. I guess this is a good example when the saying is” the truth hurts”.in this case unfortunately it’s the children that are hurting.

      • Diane

        No, I won’t ease up. This is a very serious situation that’s only getting worse. Our innocent American children are dying for what? Politics? Mark my words give it a couple months. Hundreds of children will die because of this virus. And you say ease up. How about you wake up lou lou…..

  • jennie

    It is really sad that this is happening. I remember years back when my daughter was younger. I thought she had strep throat, took her to the doctors, it was not strep, and nothing that he was aware of. He would not let us leave because he did not know what was wrong. He got on the internet and into medical books, she had a disease, I cant remember the name as it was a while back and a very long name, but basically its a dirt eating disease. People coming from other countries and bringing diseases not known to the states. (if he could not find what was wrong and how to treat it, she would have wound up in the hospital..

  • Diane

    Okay, let’s make this simple. Do we have illegal immigrants sneaking in this country? Yes, of course we do. Are a lot of them poor? Yes. Un vaccinated? Absolutely. Is that how disease is spread? No Brainer. Is that how new viruses for us are spread? Absolutely!!! Me personally if it’s a choice between my very young grandchildren dying and letting illegals in. Stop this now!!!!!!

    • Justyn

      Isn’t it interesting how the left absolutely HATES the religious groups who don’t want to vaccinate because it spreads disease, yet all these people coming in who are NOT vaccinated and they now say it’s not their fault….they are a special kind of stupid IMO.

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