200 Years Ago: The Battle of Credit Island

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Many say it was a key moment in American History that happened in the Quad Cities.

On Saturday, August 30th, 2014, a commemoration ceremony took place on Credit Island in Davenport, where the Battle of Credit Island was 200 years ago on September 4-5, 1814.

The event was one of the westernmost and last battles of the War of 1812, when American troops fought the British and their Native American allies, which included Chief Blackhawk.

According to a press release, "the Americans anchored on nearby Pelican Island, while the British troops under the direction of Lt. Duncan Graham were on Credit Island with the Native Americans at the established trading post. The next day the Americans were surprised and outnumbered. Three months later the war was over as well."

"It's a great community event to study and celebrate our history," said Archeologist, David Nolan. "Our shared history - both Native and Euro American History.

The day of events also included a guided walk on Credit Island, informational booths, and a lacrosse demonstration, which is the oldest game in North America.