Morrison cleans up after severe storm damage

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Folks in Morrison, Illinois, are picking up the pieces on Tuesday.  That's after a severe thunderstorm raced through the region less than 24 hours earlier.

It's a mess in Morrison.

"It looked like a war zone," recalled longtime resident Maria Miller.

It's the aftermath of severe storms that toppled trees and crushed cars.  Nobody was hurt, but there's plenty of damage.

"These wires all around me fell," said Brad Miller, 14. "They hit the ground and made some pretty bright colors, orange and blue."

It passed by in a matter of minutes. Strong winds that snapped branches.

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The Miller home and nearby drivers remarkably remained safe after the scare.

"There's trees down everywhere," Maria said. "There's lines down. The tree hit the house."

This fast-moving storm packed quite a bite.  Quick reactions kept families safe while the storm plowed through.

"We did go to the basement," said Tracy Henson.  "We heard a lot of noise."

Downed power lines are a common sight in Morrison on Tuesday.  That forced schools to close and businesses to make the most of a tough situation.

"We're usually not in the dark," said Lori Knudsen, Country Financial.  "We rely on our computers."

Inside their office, workers were helping clients in the darkness.

"Paper and pencil and our cell phones," she said.

Commonwealth Edison crews toiled high above and close to ground.  City officials hoped to have power back to most of Morrison by late Tuesday.

Throughout neighborhoods, buzzing saws were pressed into action.  Chance Muntean, 13, was lugging branches for his grandfather, Harlan Schroeder.

"Within five minutes, you couldn't see across the street," Schroeder said.

Definitely, it's a mess in Morrison.

"It's nuts," Schroeder concluded.

But all are grateful to be safe after this severe storm.