Video of cow walking in Kewanee makes for lots of laughs

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A video of a cow walking through the streets of Kewanee, Illinois has gone viral, with 10,000 shares on the original Facebook post and counting.

The video was posted on Cheryl Payne Pudil's Facebook page and shows cops trying to chase down a loose cow.

"First thing I thought was 'T-bone' but it wasn't my cow," said Bill Imes, whose dog chased the cow, "All of a sudden the German Shepard went crazy and a big white milk cow started running crazy through the timber there and the dog was chasing it at its heels," he said.

"This is Kewanee for you," said Jesus Mota, as he watched the video.

Part of the reason so many people find the video so entertaining is the commentary from those filming the scene.

"We just thought that was the funniest thing in the world," said Pudil.

Pudil and her sister, who live in California, were visiting Family in Kewanee when the saw a cow walk out, followed by two squad cars.

"We couldn't catch our breath we were laughing so hard," said Pudil.

"Ya, it is funny, the lady that was laughing is hilarious," said Mota.

"That was priceless, them laughing and giggling the whole time," said another man in Kewanee who had watched the video.

For Pudil all the laughter she's spreading is more than she could have imagined.

"I'm so glad cause every time I look past the street,  I just sit there and laugh," she said.