Parents keep secret from their son for two years

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For two years a California mom and dad kept a secret from their son with the precise placement of a dresser.

When the family moved into a new house, the parents discovered a crawl space attached to their toddler son’s room, according to Fox8.

It was unfit for a toddler to use, but they decided to turn it into a playroom for a future birthday present, according to a blog explaining the project. To keep their son out of the room before the future unveiling, they used a dresser to block the door.

The blog explains that after he turned three, they decided to fix up the room. After transforming the dim, dull crawl space, they presented it to their son for his fourth birthday. Behind the previously hidden door was a new floor, painted walls, a coloring station, and a wall map.

On his birthday, the parents gave their son clues to lead him to the secret room.

The boy was excited to find the “Secret Treasure Room,” as he called it, and wanted to show everyone.

His mom said her son enjoys spending time in there, reading to his little sister.

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