High school athlete keeps commitment to football and Motocross

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An Annawan-Wethersfield junior wears many helmets as he maintains his athletic career.

Will Addis is getting into gear for football season, but also has a high commitment to Motocross racing.

His hard work and team spirit carries over from the basketball court, to the football field, and finally the race track.

“You’ve got to keep on working hard and if you’re not working hard you’re not going to get any results,” Addis said.

Addis explained that, just like on the football field he tries to help others around him.

“It almost is a team game because if someone falls down in front of you and they’re really hurt, you go and you help them up because next time you might be on the ground, and you want them to stop and help you,” Addis said. “There’s always the team aspect that comes in even when you’re a single rider.”

The multi-sport athlete got into motocross because a cousin he looked up to was a rider. With his parents’ support, hard work, getting used to riding, and taking some risks, Addis grew to love the sport.

He says it’s not easy, but it’s fun.

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