Sterling company revs up funeral industry with custom caskets and urns

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Sterling Casket Company is revving up the casket business with their product.

The Sterling-based company has been selling Harley Davidson-themed caskets since they opened in 2011.

Bob Conklin, the owner of the company, said he's ridden motorcycles for as long as he can remember, but that's not what sparked his idea to open Sterling Casket Company.

"A few years ago, I lost some good biker friends," Conklin said, "When we were visiting different funeral homes to pick out a casket for my friends, I didn't see anything for a biker."

After researching different casket companies, Conklin decided to open his own business. While the Sterling Casket Company's caskets are Harley Davidson-themed, they legally cannot put the Harley Davidson trademark on them.

Conklin said Harley Davidson's legal advisers didn't want the company to be affiliated with death.

Conklin, understandably, agreed with the company.

"We can't use their logo, but I can still paint the caskets in black and orange," he said.

Since the day his business opened, he said he's received supportive feedback.

"It's been totally amazing. It's turned out even better than I had imagined," said Conklin.

In addition to the caskets, the company also sells Harley Davidson-themed urns. The urns are made of parts from a Harley Davidson motorcycle and can have the Harley Davidson logo attached.

Conklin said they have sold caskets to Harley Davidson lovers all around the U.S., but he's hoping to expand his clientele.

"I would like to start making a John Deere casket next," Conklin said.

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