Three QC women celebrate milestone birthdays in same month

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Three women at Friendship Manor in Rock Island celebrated milestone birthdays in August.

Margaret Danielson turned 104, Nellie Porter turned 103, and Ellen Johnson will be 100.

"I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would ever be this old," said 103-year-old Nellie Porter. "My mother was 80, my dad was 63, and none of my brothers and sisters lived to be over 90."

Margaret Danielson, 104, said she likes to play cards and read in her spare time.

"Some days [I feel] wonderful. Other days, not so good," Danielson said.

Ellen Johnson, 100, said she doesn't know how she got to be this age. She grew up with ten other siblings and remembered being competitive at a young age.

"I played bridge all my life," Johnson said. "I took lessons because I wanted to be better than [my sisters]."

Ted Pappas, President and CEO of Friendship Manor, said their positive attitudes have a lot to do with how the ladies have lived so long.

"They're very optimistic, they're very friendly with the staff [and] they have wonderful relationships with their families," Pappas said.

The birthday girls celebrated over a lunch of chicken salad, fettuccine alfredo and white cake.

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