Viral Video: 1,000 foot “Slip and Slide” coming to the Quad Cities?

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Growing up in the Midwest, you probably have memories of the summer “Slip and Slide.” That rubber sheet hooked up to the backyard hose that gave you the perfect way to cool down. Give it a running start and you could slide right off the end and into the grass. And days later kids all over the neighborhood would compare bruises.

But a new company is taking the slip and slide to a whole new level, touring cities with a giant slide that takes up entire city blocks! Take a look at this:

According to the Calgary Herald, the slide that is coming to their city will be 1,000 feet long! And on the Slide the City website, the Quad Cities is on the list! Unfortunately, the date is “to be determined.”

Where would you like to see the giant slip and slide set up? And more importantly, would you do it if it came to town?


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