Rock Island boil advisory lifted for most, remains for small area

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The boil advisory issued for some Rock Island water customers has been lifted for the majority of the affected area.

The advisory was originally set for residents from 31st – 39th Streets, 6th – 12th Avenues, and from 44th – 46th Streets, 7th – 15th Avenues.

Still under a boil advisory are residents on 8th Avenue from 38th – 39th Streets and on 39th Street from 7th – 8th Avenues. This area is still under the advisory because of additional water main repairs being done on Wednesday, July 30, 2014.

All water used for drinking and cooking should be boiled until further notice for this area.

“The boil advisory is expected to be lifted in 24 hours,” said a spokesperson from the City of Rock Island. “This is just a precaution, there are no indications the water is unsafe for consumption.”