Fair food with a twist

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You can expect to see all your fair classics, corndogs, funnel cakes and cotton candy, however this year you'll see some not so traditional fair food on the menu.

At Fried What you can hear the grease cooking all day long. Norma Bowers and her partner Barb have been frying food for years.

"Started out with a little old tent two fryers from the kitchen," said Bowers.

What started out as frying twinkies has now lead to a very expanded menu for Fried What.

"When you get a certain age you don't sleep much and I'm up late my brain is always going click click click. I just think about the things you can put together," said Bowers.

All that time awake has lead Bowers to some new ideas this year like fried s'mores, pecan pie and dreamsickle twinkies.

At the Kettle Corn stand they've been popping greatness for 20 years at the Mississippi Valley Fair. They built their own machine to make orginal and caramel kettle corn.

Over at Machine Shed their newest creation takes a classic dinner meal and an American favorite mixed together. They created the bacon wrapped meatloaf on a stick.

Bowers says it's about coming up with creative ideas but also having people walking away with full bellies, "We want people to enjoy what they're eating we want them to come back."