Medical marijuana company to buy land in Rock Island

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The City of Rock Island could soon be cashing in on a new crop.

Monday night, the City Council approved the sale of a 10-acre site at 8153 - 51st Street West to Green Thumb Industries, LLC. The Chicago-based company is applying for a license from the state to grow medical marijuana there.

"It's about sick patients who suffer from chronic illnesses having the power to decide alternative choices of treatment. So, that's what we're doing, we're manufacturing a medicine in a warehouse in Rock Island," said Ben Kovler, a founding partner of GTI.

GTI plans to build a 30,000-50,000 square foot facility that would create at least 30 jobs. Kovler said security would be a key focus at the site.

"We're working under the state's guided mandates and rules, and in certain cases, going above and beyond to assure a safe facility, safe transport of medicine, and safe exchange to consumer at the point of sale," said Kovler.

Aldermen voted 5-0 to approve the land sale, hoping to cash in on the opportunity.

“It’s a difficult site to get to,” said Rock Island Mayor Dennis Pauley. “It’s a difficult site to sell. It’s perfect for them, and it’s perfect for us.”

Green Thumb Industries expects to hear whether they've been awarded a license from the state by the end of the year.


  • jrandl

    Yes, A new crop of dope pushers, muggers, aids, and all out lawlessness for legalizing Marijuana for nothing but greed. You just gave welfare recipients and illegals another reason to get another free benefit to buy thr d-m dope.right along with thr groceries, Our government The U. S. Cartel will make a fortune off this legalized crime.But our government is a crime in itself, Whats new ?

    • I love America more than you

      If you think legalizing marijuana is going to cause *more* “dope pushers” then you’re beyond a level of stupid that any education in this country can fix.

      Also A+ completely off-tangent rant about “illegals”, really brings out the crazy. Way to go!

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