High school football teams gear-up for the season with 7-on-7 tournament

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Football teams are getting in gear for the upcoming season, but before the pads go one, some high school teams met up for a 7-on-7 tournament.

Several area teams including the Monmouth Roseville, Orion, Mercer County, Knoxville, Abingdon-Avon, and United each played four games Saturday, July 26, 2014.

Coaches and players were in agreement that the tournament was a good tune up for the real thing later in August.

Jeremy adolphson Monmouth Roseville head coach

“It’s good offensively as far as working on your passing game,” said Monmouth Roseville’s head coach Jeremy Adolphson. “I think the primary benefit is defense. You get to see four different teams, four different offenses, and learn to adjust on the fly. You can gather a lot more later in the season form a 7-on-7 defensively than offensively.”

“It’s good for all of our kids out here,” said Curtis VanWinkle, Mercer County Running Back. “You’ve got to play one-on-one physical defense. I mean, a lot of people don’t think 7-on-7 is physical but it’s definitely physical. I mean, it’s just guys itching to hit somebody out here because football’s obviously a physical sport.”

Football practices in Illinois are scheduled to start August 11, with the first Friday night of games set to kick off August25th, when The Score returns to News 8.