Candlelight vigil raises questions of pool safety

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A candlelight vigil was held in honor of Jazmine Roth-Hines on Saturday, who drowned at the Mount Pleasant Family Aquatic Center on July 19, 2013.

Family members remembered Jazmine as a girl who always had a smile on her face.

"She was my little angel," said Jazmine's mother, Crystal Mastropietpro.

Jazmine was dropped off at the Mount Pleasant Family Aquatic Center without adult supervision. At around 6 P.M., Jazmine's body was found at the bottom of the pool, she was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Jazmine's family said it's a loss that could have been prevented.

"In a supervised pool, or sectioning off certain areas of the pool with the right kind of staffing and different stuff, then yes it could be completely prevented, it was totally unnecessary what happened," said Wanda Kurrle, a family friend.

Since Jazmine's passing, the family said the pool has implemented some changes, such as extra training for life guards.

WQAD reached out to the pool management but have not received a response.


  • Cheryl

    Jazmine was dropped off at the Mount Pleasant Family Aquatic Center without adult supervision. With that being said, it could have been prevented if her parents would have stayed there with her and watched their daughter. The Mount Pleasant Family Aquatic Center shouldn’t be held responsible for watching one child. They are not there to be a babysitter. If anyone should be held accountable for this child’s drowning, it should be the person that dropped her off at the pool. Maybe the Family Aquatic Center should file charges for this family dropping of their child without any adult supervision, and using them as a babysitter. Rip Jazmine

      • Cheryl

        I have been reading the news about this little girl since the accident and not once has this family took any blame for what has happened to that little girl. They want to push all the blame on the Family Aquatic Center. It really irritates me to no end when something happens to children and their parents want to blame someone else. When you lay down and bring children into this world your suppose to do whatever you have to, to protect them. This does not include dropping them off at a public place and just assuming someone is going to look after them. With the horrible things going on in this world today, I couldn’t imagine dropping my little one off by them self, not knowing what their doing, and that no one is looking after them.
        This family keeps pointing that one finger at the Family Aquatic Center, but always remember you have three pointing back at you.

  • Rhyan

    The pool should of not let any kid in to the pool so I think the pool is at fault too yes the parent should of left but if the pool would of told her that she needed somebody that was older then it wouldn’t of happen Cheryl

    • Cheryl

      Rhyan, either way the little girls guardian dropped her off at the pool. Who knows for sure if they walked her up to the counter and payed, walked her into the pool and exited. They should have never left a seven year old child unattended at the pool. All I’m saying is that this family is pushing all the blame on the pool and never once taken any blame for this accident. They were her parents, they were the ones that were suppose to protect her. Not leave it up to people that worked at the pool.

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