Davenport’s hot dog man serves up Chicago style dogs on National Hot Dog Day

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Dennis Kraklio, owner of Big Dogs hot dog cart in downtown Davenport, has served hot dogs for nine years and said he started the business after he retired as a truck driver.

"I always thought when I retire from [truck-driving] I would sell hot dogs to people," said Kraklio. "I never knew it would be such a fantastic business."

July 23 is National Hot Dog day, and Kraklio celebrated by serving his customers his favorite kind of hot dog, the Red Hot Chicago Dog.

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It's made with a poppy-seed bun, a Vienna Beef hot dog, dill pickle, sweet relish, onions, tomatoes, sport peppers, and celery salt.

"It's what made my cart a success," said Kraklio

Kraklio has two hot dog carts set up in downtown Davenport. One is outside the Scott County Courthouse and the other is outside the Figge Art Museum.