Magazine names Whitey’s the best ice cream in the world

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An international travel magazine asked their Twitter followers to help them determine which is the best ice cream shop in the world, and they chose Whitey’s.

“Since 1987 we have been traveling the globe tracking down those journeys that can define a lifetime,” says the Facebook page for travelogue Conde Nast Traveler.

In honor of National ice Cream Month in July, they asked their Twitter follower for their favorite ice cream shops around the world.

Tops on the list:  Whitey’s in Moline, Illinois.

“You’ve got to try @WhiteysIceCream.  It’s a @QuadCitiesUSA staple and the best ice cream around!” tweeted @CarverLucille.

Whitey’s topped Negranti Creamery (California), Gelato Gusto (United Kingdom), Melt Ice Creams (Fort Worth, Texas) and Snugburys Ice Cream (United Kingdom) in the top five on the Conde Nast Traveler list.

The list also included Lick Ice Creams (Austin, TX), Moomers (Traverse City, MI), Shepherds (United Kingdom), Coconut Glen’s (Hawaii), AB Ice Cream (Atlantic Beach, NC), Mitchell’s (San Francisco), Ed’s REal Scoop (Toronto) and The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (New York).



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  • Renee Scherbroeck

    WOOT WOOT! OF COURSE Makes perfect sense – the flavor, the thickness, the variety! Yum. Nothing else needs to be said.

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