‘Healing process’ begins as arrest is made in Carrie Olson murder case

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From the first few days after Carrie Olson disappeared, there were questions from her family about Timothy McVay's possible involvement.

"He's a friend. We've contacted him," said Dave Olson, Carrie Olson's dad in an interview with News 8 on January 2, 2014. "He's presently out of town in Las Vegas and we can't get a lot of information out of him yet. He's supposed to be back in town so the police can question him."

After seven months of wondering and calls for justice for Carrie Olson all over the country, there are now some answers.

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"I mean, I was in disbelief. A very, I won't say, happy feeling, but a good feeling and then sad feeling because of all the heartache this gentleman has caused if he is the guilty one," said Timothy Waynick, a member of the Quad Cities Missing Persons Network who led searches for Olson.

"You know, there's been a lot of frustration.  I don't know if I say relief now, but at least, you know, some people - the family and friends and the community - can have some peace and maybe start some healing here, the healing process," he said.

Rock Island County State's Attorney John McGehee said he had talked with the Olson family about the arrest.

"It's very emotional for them, it's a very difficult time but they do feel relieved that charges have finally been filed. They have been waiting for many months regarding this whole thing and I think have been living with it every single day. So I know it is a difficult, hard time," McGehee said.

It's been a long process, but after seven months of wondering, there is some closure.

"I knew eventually that they would get the person or persons that did this and the day would come some day," said Waynick.

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