Local man suing over denied concealed gun permit rejection

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People rejected for a permit to carry concealed guns in Illinois will now get an explanation from State Police.

A flurry of lawsuits is prompting the change, including one filed by a Henry County man.

George Cox was denied a concealed carry permit but, he says, he has never been told why.

"I have no criminal background. I have never been convicted of a crime," Cox said.

"I think I deserve answers. I think anybody who is denied their concealed carry has a right to know what the objections were," he said.

Cox knows his way around weapons. He is a critical care nurse who volunteered to go to Afghanistan with the Army seven years ago. He spent a year taking care of wounded soldiers, easily passed the Army's background check and was given security clearance.

"The government sees fit to let me take care of our soldiers in a combat zone, carry a weapon with me 24-7. So for local authorities to object? It kind of leaves me astounded," he said.

Cox believes he may have been targeted and "red-flagged" after he got into an argument with a police officer, resulting in a misdemeanor charge of aggravated assault of a peace officer. He was acquitted by a Henry County jury the week of July 7, 2014.

Cox suspects that charge may have been the root of the denial but, he says, it is wrong, and that the change in policy is the right thing to do.

"The idea of people sitting behind a closed door giving thumbs up or thumbs down, without any justification or somebody to answer to, sounds unusual for a government of the people," Cox said.

On Monday, July 14, Illinois State Police announced a new set of emergency rules concerning denied concealed carry permit applications.  The new rules say the review board must now alert applicants of credible objections to their applications, and explain which agency brought the objections.

Read the new concealed carry emergency rules for Illinois - click here.

Applicants will now be give ten days to contest the rejection.

A court date in Cox's lawsuit has not yet been set.


  • Brian Jones

    This is the beginning of the end of our rights to “bear arms”. The UN (small arms treaty) will see that this is routine and expected….The oligarchy regime will find a way to deny our rights, whether through bureaucracy, “regulations”, misconceptions, or just plain lies. The “establishment” is the Progressive’s “means to an end”………Watch and you will see this happen more and more across the country, I guarantee !

  • Bret Lefever

    I’m in a similar situation as this guy. I’m a combat veteran and still a member of the national guard. I have a security clearance as well. I was denied a FOID card, I wasn’t even trying to get a concealed carry permit. My denial was due to a charge from 20+ years ago that was thrown out. So is the IL State Police going to arrest me when I’m at drill doing weapons qualification? With my semi-automatic rifle and 30 round magazine that was issued to me by the US Army?!?! Federal laws trump state laws, so as far as I’m concerned my military ID is my FOID card.

  • MontieR

    “The idea of people sitting behind a closed door giving thumbs up or thumbs down, without any justification or somebody to answer to, sounds unusual for a government of the people,” Cox said.
    This is a BLATANT disregard for the constitution.

  • Arariel

    Awww, poor baby can’t buy his gun! WHAT EVER WILL WE DO? Get over it. There’s no reason he needs a gun. Nine times out of ten people who get injured by guns get injured accidentally because of their incompetence.

    • Americantrek09

      Arariel, Arariel, Arariel, if you do not appreciate the United States Constitution, that is fine, But….remember I will NOT defend you in any case of your personal safety, at your home, at your office or out in public. I will make a point to let the criminal population know that you are their best target for more “free stuff” ! You are an idiot and someone I would not pi ss on if you were on fire in MY living room ! Have a good day numbnutz ! Oh, I got an idea……why don’t you move to China or Russia, I hear they like submissive drones.

    • Americantrek09

      Arariel is either of three things…….a governmental troll to incite confrontation, a low information sheeple (I want another oBaMa phone please !) or just a plain Commie dreg……In any case……worthless tripe.

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