Home Depot to sell 3D printers in Illinois

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Home Depot planned to sell 3D printers and scanners in four stores in Illinois, plus other locations in California and New York.

The in-store offerings were announced three months after Home Depot began selling the MakerBot 3D printers and scanners on its website.

Home Depot and MakerBot, which manufactures the 3D printers, hope to appeal to builders, architects, contractors, designers, landscapers and general customers.

“It’s a pilot for us to test a potential disruptive technology, and to make sure we are on the forefront of a new innovative product,” said Joe Downey, of Home Depot, in a Bloomberg report.

A specially-designed kiosk, where you can see a demonstration of the printer, will be at each Home Depot store that sells the 3D printers and scanners. The devices range in price from about $800 for a scanner to about $3,000 for a printer.

In Illinois, three of the stores involved in the pilot program were in Chicago and one in Naperville. Six stores in California and two in New York City will also be part of the first dozen locations to offer the 3D printers in-store.

The 3D printers went on sale in Home Depot stores July 14, 2014.