Local Jazz Society Grants Student Scholarships

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Several area music students have more money to further their musical education.

On Sunday, July 13th, 2014, the Catfish Jazz Society held its annual scholarships awards at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Davenport.

The group gave two $1,000 scholarships to two area high school seniors to help further their education in jazz studies.

Seven area high school underclassmen also each received $500 scholarships for band camp.

Members of the Catfish Jazz Society say it's important to support musical skills, because it's a talent that sticks with someone forever.

"When they play music, they can't take that away from that child whereas playing a sport or something like that, they're not gonna be able to do that always, but they will always be able to play that instrument," says Laura Hozak. "That is a very great thing."

Since 1999, the Catfish Jazz Society has given more than $37,000 in scholarships to area high school students.