JDC competitor explains susperstition of taking more tees than he needs

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Giving a tour of his golf bag, University of Illinois graduate Luke Guthrie said he didn’t have anything too odd, but he does have a superstition that he calls “weird.”

Front and center on the bag is the Illinois logo. Inside you can find extra gloves, golf balls, tees, and orange and blue markers. He says “it’s a pretty light bag for the most part.”

Aside from his preference of using the same exact ball marker and divot tool each day, Guthrie does have one superstitious action he takes each time he’s ready to tee off.

“Whenever I take tees out of my golf bag, this is the weird one,” Guthrie explained, “I always have to take two tees out. If I’m on the last hole, I’m out of tees, I only need one but I take two. I don’t know what that is but I started doing it and that’s all I do.”