Fundraiser to benefit family of dog shot by Rock Island County deputy

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A local group hoped to raise awareness and help the family of Fisher, a Rottweiler shot by a Rock Island County Sheriff’s deputy.

Fisher was one of two dogs that were reportedly trying to get into a rabbit hutch when a Rock Island County deputy fired a shot that killed Fisher in East Moline.

Capt. Gerry Bustos said the deputy said the dog became aggressive as he tried to get the animal into his squad car, and the deputy believed he was in danger when he shot the dog.   His owners say Fisher did not die immediately, but that he bled to death from his injury.

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Several events were planned for Sunday, July 13, 2014 in memory of Fisher.

“The intention is to be sure that this will never happen again.  Fisher’s life will be celebrated, and a dog wash, bike wash and auction will raise money both for the family’s legal expenses as well as an education fund, so that local law enforcement will learn proper strategies for dealing with dogs while on duty,” said a statement from the event organizers.

The events planned included a short demonstration on 15th Street in front of the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Office.