Scott County boy fights off kidnapper with self-defense moves taught by father

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When a man grabbed the arm of a teenage boy on a bike, the teen fought back, using self defense moves his parents taught him.

Hunter Gress, 15, was biking home from work near 275th Street and 115th Avenue, when a man driving a silver Ford van crossed into his bike's path, grabbed his arm, and tried to pull him inside at about 9:30 p.m. Friday, July 11, 2014, police said.

The suspect was described as a white male in his forties who wore sunglasses, a black baseball cap, a blue shirt, and blue jeans.  The van was described as a silver Ford commercial-type van with no rear windows.

Gress fought the man off by punching him in the nose and the stomach, before running away.

Heather Gress, Hunter's mother, said she and her boyfriend started talking seriously with their kids after a similar incident happened in 2013 in the same community.

"We sat down with all three kids and my other half, Shawn, he started talking to the kids about self defense and started showing them self defense moves," said Gress.

Gress said she and her boyfriend go over self defense moves almost weekly with their children, in case they ever get into a bad situation. She said her son used that knowledge to defend himself that night, potentially saving his own life.

"What you don't want them to hear is what you need them to hear, in order [for them] to fight back," Gress said.

Anyone with information about the attempted abduction was asked to contact Sergeant Ryan Lage with the Scott County Sheriff's Department at (563) 326-8270.


  • jrandl

    I am surprised the police hasn’t arrested the boy for assault and battery, Its against the law to defend yourself now days.We have a new government now. Thr motto is, If it isn’t yours, Steal it.

    • Damion

      That is the most idiotic comment I have ever seen posted. If you want to rant against the government, then do so, but not when the topic is about how a teen managed to fight off his kidnapper. Go troll and leave your stupid comments elsewhere, I know, post it in response to Paris Hilton’s latest story cause all of the idiots like you follow her.

  • JennyJustice

    No, it’s not against the law to defend one’s self. In fact, in some states you have “Stand Your Grand” law. So, your statement is false. We also do not have a new government. Every presidential term is different – not a new goverment.

    Your spelling and grammar is way off by the way. Although I don’t normally care for grammar correctors in blogs, in this case, it was necesary to show not only are you uninformed and simply seeking to inflame, but you are truly ignorant.

  • thinbluebob

    I bet JRANDL is a member of cop block or more likely then not is just sour with LE because he tried to become a cop but couldn’t hack it… due to obvious reasons. You sir a apart of the problem, definitely not the solution. Have a good one :)

  • Snwdemon

    As a professional who has dealt with victims of predators who target young teens and children, I am so happy that these parents are proactive and did the right thing in teaching their children how to protect themselves, and I hope that more parents would do this with their kids.

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