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Petition calls cancer patient’s drug conviction a ‘witch hunt’

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An online petition calls the guilty verdict, for a man who says he grew and used marijuana to treat his cancer, a witch hunt.

Benton Mackenzie, who admitted to growing marijuana, claimed he harvested oil from the plants to treat his terminal cancer. The judge did not allow any testimony about Mackenzie’s medical condition, or reasons for his marijuana use, in the trial.

Mackenzie and his wife, Loretta, were found guilty of several drug charges.

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Two days after the verdict was returned, an online petition supporting Benton Mackenzie surpassed 1,500 signatures. It had more than 1,700 signatures at noon Central time and more than 1,900 signatures by 6 p.m.  Friday, July 11, 2014.

The mission statement posted on the “Free Benton Mackenzie” petition reads:

PM, Scott County Attorney’s Office

Do the right thing and free Benton Mackenzie.

[Your name]

“This is my family and there has been a gross misuse of power and perversion of ‘justice,’” said a post by Marjorie Mackenzie-Jessie, “If you are not willing to speak up for someone else then there will be no one left when they come for you!”

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  • zakkodel

    I bet the prosecutor is just loving this.. He was going to let him off on probation anyways. Does anyone realize how much it would cost the state if they locked him up with his cancer? Absolutely no way would they do that. They are going to give him a fine (Which a terminally ill man probably won’t pay anyway) and some probation time.. Am I the only one who understands how the system works?

  • TrollKilla

    @Zakkodel you have a very distorted point of view on something that the whole world acknowledges is progress. It’s people like you that continue to contribute to the degradation of our society. Do some research before you make an a$$ of yourself again…..troll!

  • Storm Crow

    Maybe it has to do with the fact he is DYING and severely disabled by his cancer! I guess you are too busy trolling to actually READ the article!

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