Iowa drive-in asking for community help to stay open

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The deadline to digital is getting closer, putting pressure on drive-in movie theaters to come up with the money to make the switch or go out business. One theater is drumming up support.

On a Friday night you can find people at the Grand View Drive-In in Letts Iowa. All you need are some lawn-chairs, candy and a tailgate of truck to sit back and have some fun and once the sun goes down you can enjoy a movie or two.

"Just something fun, gives families in the area something to do," said Kelly Daniels who owns the drive-in.

Kelly and her husband built the drive-in back in 2007. For these movie goers it's the closest drive-in to them. The next closest one is two hours away. However this drive-in faces an issue that many are facing right now, a financial one, for the Daniels it's $57,000.

"We just heard from Disney that they're done August 1st so they will not be making anymore 35 millimeters prints so every things going to be switched to digital now," said Kelly.

A switch that Kelly believes more movie companies will go towards, so they'll have to try to come up with the money to go to digital or they'll have to close their doors.

"I can't afford to stay open so if people don't help us then this theater will close," said Kelly.

They've been doing fundraisers here and there and asking for donations trying to raise money that a business who's only open three days a week and a few months out of the year can't afford.

"I do believe a lot of the drive-ins are going to close," said Kelly.

It's an end to the story that they're working to re-write.

You can donate two ways:

by mailing to Digital Project funds
2807 University dr.
PMB 188
Muscatine, ia. 52761

Or you can donate at Central State Bank.


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  • Leah Smith

    Love this drive in! Will definitely be donating to support them and spreading the word. A word to the wise, they should really really set up an online donation account. It’s easy to do. They will reach so many more that way and make it easier to donate. It could make all the difference.

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