John Deere Road construction suffers major setback

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A setback for the construction of an overpass on John Deere Road near 38th Street in Moline as part of the bridge on the north side of the road has buckled.

"IDOT has been working with the contractors for a couple of weeks to develop a plan to correct the earth wall north of John Deere Road. The final product will meet all contract specifications and will be durable and safe for the traveling public," said Paris Ervin with the Illinois Department of Transportation in an email.

IDOT is overseeing the project with McCarthy Improvement of Davenport as the contractor.

"Under the current plan, 40 to 50 percent of the wall will need to be disassembled and re-set to correct it," said Ervin.

Ervin says this part of the project should still finish on time and should open to traffic in November.

Some neighbors near the construction site are still skeptical.

"Are they gonna have anything accomplished by the time the snow falls and winter comes? I doubt it," said Dan Roberson. 

The earth wall for the portion of the bridge south of John Deere Road does not have any issues.

News Eight reached out to McCarthy Improvement about the damaged bridge wall, but has not heard back as of 9:40 p.m. on July 8, 2014.





  • Chris

    Paradise? Hmmm, no offense, but I know the road, small houses and trailer parks, we’re not exactly talking about historical landmarks here.

  • Jim Hammond

    This looks to me like an engineering failure. It appears that the hydrodynamic pressure of the weight of the sand filler and the recent heavy rains with the drainage from the northern slope caused an over pressure to the wall. This happened now with no pavement, How long before it subsides with pavement and heavy traffic? The thickness of those walls do not inspire confidence in myself, and I don’t live below them.

  • tim

    If the bridge crumbled now, what about in 10 years without any upkeep? The area around Walmart used to be swamp and not far off its still low lying. The road system desperately needs revamped, but I lack confidence in their abilities taking everything into account.

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