Mayor Gluba hopes QC will host detained immigrant kids

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Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba hopes the Quad Cities will play a role in helping care for immigrant children held on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Since October, more than 52,000 unaccompanied young people have been detained on the southern U.S. border. Many of them are fleeing violence in Central American countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

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President Barack Obama has called the recent surge a humanitarian crisis.

"They've got them basically in confinement along the Texas border and in other cities, and it's probably overwhelming the system, so [the federal government] is looking for help. I think Davenport and the people of Davenport will help," said Gluba.

Monday, Gluba told News 8 that he reached out to the White House, offering the Quad Cities' help to house and care for some of those children. He said the Department of Health and Human Services then sent him information about creating a temporary placement facility in the area.

"We are a welcoming country, and I said, 'Something's got to be done about it. Let's start the process,'" said Gluba.

Gluba is now pulling together a team of representatives from area hospitals, schools, charities and churches. Monday, the group met for the first time at City Hall to discuss what they could do.

"First of all, it's an attitude of welcome -- that these are special people, special children; they've gone through traumatic experiences, and they need special care, and we need to be able to provide that," said Nora Dvorack, the former director of the Refugee Resettlement Program for the Diocese of Davenport.

Right now, there are still many questions about where the immigrants would stay, how many the Quad Cities could handle, and who would supervise them.

Still, local activists remain positive.

"Oh, we can do lots. We've done it in the past, we can do it again," said Dvorack.

Members of the group planned to meet Wednesday morning to compile a list of questions for the Department of Health and Human Services before moving forward.


    • Thomas Zaharopoulos

      Definitely time for that man to go (just like it is time for our puke inducing commander in chief to go). We do not need diseased rug rats roaming our streets and increasing crime.

    • Jim Chambers

      You voted for this fool. Now he’s doing it to you. You can’t cry about it now.
      The clown is only interested in his politics, not in the wallets and health of the citizens he purports to serve. Has he laid out for you what it is going to cost your community in dollars? I doubt he knows himself. Is he aware that once the word gets around that Davenport is a hub for third world diseases that people will stop coming to the Bix event, your golf tournaments and your farmer’s market. Let’s face it, you don’t have that much going for you to begin with.
      If you need an example of what can happen when you invite these things you need only go up the river to Dubuque where many years back the mayor decided that Dubuque needed a black population (they didn’t have any). So they imported a few thieves from Chicago and all of a sudden their police department had their hands full.
      Your mayor has invited kids with every kind of third world disease into your midst to infect your children. It will start small then gain in magnitude until your school nurses are sending your children home with maladies like head lice, scabies and antibiotic resistant tuberculosis. This is serious and your children are going to suffer. The shortsightedness of this guy is putting your children at risk to gain some political points with a white house that has proven over and over that they could give a care less about you as citizens and your rights.
      I’m not sure how you impeach a mayor but before this guy causes your children too much harm you had better change his little mind or, better yet, relieve him of his duties as mayor so that he cannot do any more damage than he has to date. It would seem, from a list of those you have elected to be your mayors, that the quality of the office holders has gone down while their hubris quotient has risen. Starting with Kirschbaum, who set a respectable low for quality of candidates, on to Charlie Wright, who raised the level of foolishness further, on to Yerington, who I thought could not be surpassed in inanity, now to this guy. Reminds one of when one flushes the toilet.
      It’s up to you. If you sit still and let this happen you have only yourselves to blame. Once the genie is out of the bottle it will be too late. Good luck, he just took any serious consideration I had for visiting your city.

  • WendyWhiner

    We also don’t need racists in our country. Out you go, idiots. People like you are what’s wrong with our country. You do much, much more damage than any immigrant would ever want to do.

    These are CHILDREN.

    I can only hope you are not as ignorant as you sound in your comments and you are just trolls getting your cheap jollies.

    • Drewbster

      Hey whiner, let’s bring in every child from every country across the globe, (bring em to your house), your fantasy land doesn’t exist in the real world.

    • USADefenderOne

      Call them what you will, but they are alien invaders, and they are not American Citizens. Our need is to preserve America for Americans, to guarantee our soil, and to defend our country for our generations to come. You don’t seem to have the vision required to understand that your actions would merely undermine America. We can not host the world without destroying ourselves. No, WendyWhiner, we need to first stop access to the country, second to make sure we promptly remove them from our soil.

    • Kate

      I was born and raised in Davenport and now live in Tucson Az. You stress that they are children, fact is most of them are in their late teens. Did you think that young school aged children and toddlers were able to make it across the desert on their own? Suffice it to say these “children” can to quite a bit of damage! If you don’t believe me come for a visit, you can experience their particular brand of magic for yourself. Trust me you’ll be whining then!

      • Sad at society

        Actually Kate, there are children. Even if they are teens-they are not adults. What type of damage would are the teens doing in Arizona that is different than the white teens in Iowa?

    • Jim Chambers

      Yeah, Wendy. And when your kids come home crawling with lice, scratching the scabies and coughing up blood your magnanimity should give you that sense of well being. I’m sure your neighbors and their children will bless you also.
      BTW, get out your wallet. This is going to cost you.

      • Sad at society

        Actually I never dealt with more head lice and other such issues than when my children went to a mostly white school. Please do not turn a potential issue of finances and politics into a fight against disease. This has not basis in fact and makes you less likely to be believed because it cannot be corroborated. If you want people to listen to you please provide statistics to back up your claims. There has been more break-outs of diseases by those refusing to get their children immunized than by immigrants. Maybe you do not care if people think you are correct, in which case, please disregard.

    • rick

      Mayor gluba is a idiot if he thinks bringing in all those people/kids isn’t going to cost everyone here in multiple ways.. we can’t fix things here let alone the worlds problems !

    • Jim Chambers

      “We also don’t need racists in our country. Out you go, idiots. People like you are what’s wrong with our country. You do much, much more damage than any immigrant would ever want to do.
      These are CHILDREN. I can only hope you are not as ignorant as you sound in your comments and you are just trolls getting your cheap jollies.” the idiot said.
      Now don’t all you people who are using your brain to think instead of your heart feel better about yourselves? Just think, if you were this stupid you, too, would be using that feeble intellect to try to force your fellow citizens to subsidize those people who show up on your doorstep illegally and unwanted who are expecting to be cared for using your tax dollars. Wendy is the kind of person who voted for this mayor and this mayor is repaying Wendy in kind.
      I have an idea: why not make those who voted for this clown pay the bill for subsidizing this inane idea. If they want this problem here then they should house them, pay for their schooling, social services, feed them, pay for their medical bills (as well as the medical bills of those who contract diseased and maladies from these interlopers), extra policing that will assuredly have to be done as well as all the other costs associated with this bunch.
      Put your damned money where your mouth is Wendy and Mr. Mayor. If you are unwilling to do all the above then shut the hell up and let the taxpayers alone.

  • Thomas Zaharopoulos

    You call me a racist without even knowing me. Then you start with other names. I am thinking you voted for Globe and Obama. You need to go to school and get an education and stop your whinning little girl.

    • WendyWhiner

      I call you a racist based on your racist comments. Most people that make racist comments are, in fact, racists. I didn’t vote for “Globe”…I am unfamiliar with that person, and I will never stop “whinning” about ignorance. I’M the one who needs to go to school and get an education? Geesh.

      Name calling aside, we’re still talking about children here. Please tell me you aren’t calling to cast them out to fend for themselves? To starve to death?

      • Thomas Zaharopoulos

        Send the kids back. How did these kids get through Mexico? Most of them are not Mexicans. Put them on a bus and send them back and let Mexico worry about it since they seem to be colluding in this.

  • genious

    Tom and drewbster, you are exactly correct. This country needs more people like you. All the people that think we have resources to hand out will destroy this country.

  • Thomas Zaharopoulos

    Name the racist comment I made. What is it with people when you criticize this puke inducing commander in chief you are labeled racist. I am assuming that is why you are calling me a racist. I have nothing against kids, I just don’t like having these kids in this country. They are bringing diseases with them. We have already had numerous agents contract some diseases. I was just down there last week and spoke with a couple of agents. The reason why these rugrats are coming here is because Nobama has no idea on how to control this fiasco, much like everything else he touches. I am sick and tired of paying over $40,000 in taxes every year to have it support these programs.

    • Jim Chambers

      Those who scream racist first and loudest are usually the worst racists themselves. The first thing they notice about you is your color. They believe that blacks need their help to get along and without them blacks would live in ghettos, deal drugs, produce babies without the benefit of fathers and be on welfare in numbers far outstretching their percentage of the general population……Oh, wait a minute……isn’t that what has happened while folks like Wendy were helping them along?
      Well, that’s what you get with liberalism.

  • sick of our government

    So for those who think the children should stay, what about the money we are spending on them and the lack of money spent on our vets? Funny that we can spend all that money on illegals but can even help the People who have put there lives in the line for our country. Sad when a vet can die because we can’t take care of him, but we can find a way to take care of illegals.

    • Jodie Bennett

      well said Sick of Our Government. This country needs to stop helping others and start taking care of our own. we have way too many vets that need our assistance. Another issue is why are we paying for those to sit on their butts and stay home. We should be helping those that go to work everyday and give them additional assistance to lift them out of poverty instead of keeping them their. If we rewarded those that worked their wouldn’t be an many couch potatoes waiting for assistance on the 3rd of every month.

    • Doug

      “their.” Not to be a d*ck, but I just know the bleeding heart you’re ranting to will eventually pick up on it. Preemptive strike. :)

  • Sammirah Meowski

    There is nothing racist about wanting our country to remain our country, for wanting people to follow the rules. I say we militarize the border (with a very relaxed ROE), fine the daylights out of companies who hire illegals, and amend the Constitution to clarify that anchor babies aren’t automatically Americans. These people are INVADING, and I couldn’t care less if they are black, white, brown or purple with pink dots, we simply can’t handle the burden they present on the economy and infrastructure.

    • USADefenderOne

      I absolutely agree with your comments. For some reason, Obama fails to understand his responsibilities under the Constitution and I hope that he is out soon. It would leave Biden, but I don’t think that we’ll have to face another hidden agenda as we have had to to face this one with Obama. A house divided, or in this case over run by alien invaders from many lands and who are many ages, will not stand. Gluba: your actions undermine the efforts of so many Americans who are demanding daily the complete removal of all illegal aliens, the cessation of immigration of all forms, and are working hard to achieve it.

    • Jim Chambers

      “amend the Constitution to clarify that anchor babies aren’t automatically Americans”. Yes, retroactively to before Reagan.

  • Dav Nova

    call a spade a spade please. ILLEGAL Immigrants, not immigrants
    when you immigrate to this country, you do not need a shelter (well, for the most part)
    when you trespass, arrive in the dark of night trying to sneak into our country, knowing it is illegal, commit an act of breaking the law, you are not an immigrant. You are an illegal, I care not how old you might be. I do feel sad for these children, the parents of which might think they are doing something good for the kids, or just do not really care about them. But this is wrong no matter how you “spin” it.

    We need a new voting law. Place “none of the above” in all positions, for all ballots. If none of the above wins, we vote again and this time none of the previous candidates can put their names on the new ballot.


  • Laurie

    How about sending 2 or 3 busloads of these illegals to the hometowns of every member of Congress?

    • Jim Chambers

      Let’s start with this dunderheaded mayor of yours. His house should be able to hold about 30 or forty of them. And he can support them so his voters and taxpayers won’t have to.
      I would be willing to bet a few bucks, though, that none of those law breaking interlopers will ever see the inside of his abode.

      • Thomas Zaharopoulos

        Oh please don’t send them over to his house. I only live 2 blocks from that dunderhead. :)

  • BrandyN

    I hope they protest up there too about this! This is just wrong! Shame on their parents for sending them here, shame on our government for not sending them back, and shame on the president for not wanting to take care of Americans… I understand they are kids, I have two small children, but I also take care of my own and want whats best for them. How about investing in the children here for a great future. Instead of investing in children from somewhere else to have a great life here, illegally… Sometimes you have to think without your heart to do what is best for the whole…

  • Tired

    Good. Send all 95,000 of the ‘little’ scamps to him…if he’d like more we can arrange it.

  • Keira

    Gluba can’t even help those of us who are paying his salary, he needs to stop the grand-standing. And if you’ve seen the photos, a lot of these “children” are obviously closer to young adults and old enough to understand what illegal means. Why reward illegal acts in our country by non-citizens? We don’t reward illegal acts of citizens! They do not deserve better treatment than American citizens. And if even liberal California citizens formed blockades to keep these illegals out of their communities why are we volunteering for this? All of us will be paying for this and sorry, but I’m not willing to pay for other countries’ problems. And if you think we aren’t going to be paying – think again. “Free” healthcare means higher costs for those of us who pay our bills, etc. etc. Just so sick and tired of these so-called “feel good” ill advised programs. The better we treat people who come into our country illegally, the more that will follow. Sort of like stray cats. Feed one and soon you have a yard full… And yeah, yeah, yeah get off your high horse those of you who are thinking these are PEOPLE, not cats. I get that. People who cannot follow the law. If they stay here, how many more laws will they ignore? I live in a neighborhood full of illegals. I can tell you illegal activity is rampant too. Bleeding hearts – come spend some time where I live and then you can truly judge if this is a good idea. If you don’t actually experience it, well it’s time to admit you’re clueless and should probably just shut up.

  • just facts

    If would like to know how much already costing and remember we have to shut our government down no money to run it and we owe so much to China the are draining the national park lakes to get clean water and nothing we can do about it we have bankrupt system and paying for illegals we cannot afford people here legally am sure there are more costs not in these numbers and not sure how old the data is am sure goes up each year as more enter and costs go up. This doesn’t mention the cost of legal kids getting less attention in school and not doing as well so only so much funds and these kids will be worse or diseases given to others etc. I wish he would put numbers to each child that we bring then maybe people would understand.

    Our government continues to claim that the war on terror is bankrupting us. But what about these numbers? You do the math…
    ◾$11 billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year by state governments.
    ◾Illegal households only pay about one-third the amount of federal taxes that non-illegal households pay.
    ◾Illegal households create a net fiscal deficit at the federal level of more than $10 billion a year. If given amnesty, this number could grow to more than $29 billion.
    ◾$1.9 billion dollars a year is spent on food-assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC and free school lunches for illegal aliens.
    ◾$1.6 billion is spent on the federal prison and court system for illegal aliens.
    ◾$2.5 billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens.
    ◾About 21 percent of the population of U.S. prisons is classified as “noncitizens” from Mexico, Colombia, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. About 5 percent is listed as “unknown.”

    Immigration costs like all “costs” come out of the “TAXPAYOR” hide. These costs represent additional money creation that dilutes all the savings and assets in America

    • USADefenderOne

      Please don’t forget too that illegal aliens – with the money “earned” by their illegal work, endeavor to send a much as possible back to their origin family/country in a process that denies the development of economy. The money will be spent, just not in the country where earned.

    • Sad at society

      According to the United States Department of Agriculture-As of 2012 the percentages of those on food stamps are as follows:

      47%-children under 18
      8%-60 or older
      41%-working poor (have a job but still cannot afford to feed family)
      36%-WHITES-non hispanic/22% African American/10% Hispanic

      I do not have any issue with debate-but the statistics you are quoting have no basis in fact other than a libertarian website. The person running the website is just a citizen that does not give any basis for research.

    • USADefenderOne

      Mayor Gluba’s efforts are contrary to my wishes to remove illegal aliens from American soil. I extend my hand and middle finger in salute.

      • Sad at society

        If you live in the Quad cities, then use your given rights to send an e-mail, write or make a phone call. Posting this will not affect change in any way.

  • Heartland Hannah

    Gluba, ever heard the phrase “cultivate your own garden?” You were elected to serve the citizens of Davenport and you aren’t doing a very good job of that. Don’t bring in more problems when you can’t handle the ones you already have. If public safety professional could speak freely we would all know what a very, very baaaad idea this is for our community.

  • sparky

    if he wants to help and be a humanitarian, help our veterans who fight to defend our country !!!! our the homeless people we have in the area !!

  • Sad at society

    I am completely saddened by the conversation I am watching here, and I am curious about how many of you actually live near or in Davenport or surrounding areas. I would like to point out that no one on this comment stream could have possibly been a true American unless you are American Indian. What gives you rights above any other? I hear about how paying taxes here makes you an American. I also would like to point out that the reason there is such a backlog of “sending them back” is not because of any law put into place recently, but rather a law put into effect during the Bush years that states immigrants must have a hearing before being deported. Although I do not agree with all decisions any one President has made regarding immigration, or anything else, let us be clear about where the original law came from. Instead of spouting hatred, anger and ignorant (and by ignorant-I mean misinformed) comments, what do you think is a solution to the problem? “Sending them back to the county” may be an option, but how do we do that? Do we just drop them off at the border of some random country? What do we do with children under the age of 10? Do they get dropped off at some random border? How much will it cost to do that? What does that make us look like to other countries? For those of you that understand politics at all, you certainly have to understand there is a careful balance. We cannot turn away 56,000 children (even if they are teenagers) for many reasons, beginning with the fact they are children, and ending with the law that was created forbids it. For those of you that do not live anywhere near the quad cities, I fail to see how this affects you. You will not be required to take care of them, or fund them as the quad cities is taking care of this. If those living in the quad cities have an issue, certainly use your rights and reach out to the mayors office to give an opinion. For those not living in the quad cities, I can virtually guarantee that you do not pay enough federal taxes that you would pay enough to take care of one child, let alone a bus load, so that is out. The problem is not that you have a problem with the situation, or that you disagree with what he is doing, it is that when you speak about it, you name-call children, or others that have a differing opinion to you. It is sad state of affairs when a simple debate by adults cannot be contained to a true fact finding discussion, instead of angry rudeness. If you are really upset, you can always become a sovereign citizen.

    • Jim Chambers

      Whether we live in your area or not we will be expected to pick up part of the tab for your mayor’s short sightedness.
      Things you have obviously not taken into account that should make you reconsider your position:

      1. Children are carrying diseases that will be transferred to your children, your neighbors and your co workers.
      a. All those mentioned about will require medical attention.
      b. Will you be willing to take the responsibility to pay for that?
      i. If not, why not? You, after all, desired these people be here.
      ii. Or, because nothing is free, will you be willing to have your medical bills escalate to ensure that these children, your children, your neighbors and co workers get that medical attention they will demand after having been exposed to the diseases they children carry?
      iii. If not who do you suppose will eat that cost?
      2. Children will require someone to take care of them, do you volunteer?
      a. How many will you put up in your home?
      i. How many will you require your neighbors to house?
      ii. Are you willing to make your neighbors pay for their upkeep?
      iii. Are you willing to see your taxes escalate to provide this upkeep?
      b. Are you willing to take the chance that one of these children (80% are above the age 15) will not commit crimes while in your custody?
      i. If a crime is committed by the person you are short sighted enough to sponsor will you commit to make the victim whole, being the responsible party?
      1. Are you willing to post a bond to that effect?
      2. How do you propose to remunerate the city for the police and court time and equipment used to resolve the situation?
      ii. Should the crime be committed against you or a member of your family how do you propose to handle that situation?
      1. Will you turn the perpetrator over to the police?
      2. How do you propose to make yourself or the member of the family whole?
      c. Are you willing to take the chance that on one or more of these children will not pass along some disease they harbor to your family or your neighbor’s family?
      i. If they do pass along a disease are you willing to cover the cost of the treatment required to treat the person affected?
      ii. If someone dies from one of those diseases are you willing to compensate those left behind for their loss? To what extent?
      3. These children will, sooner or later, be bringing up their parents and other family members.
      a. Are you willing to pay extra taxes to maintain them also?
      4. These children will require an education
      a. Are you willing to pay extra taxes to provide that for them?
      i. To what extent are you personally willing to subsidize that education?
      ii. If you are not willing to personally subsidize them to what extent are you willing to have your neighbors subsidize them?
      5. These children will be taking away those jobs your children could do.
      a. This will have the effect of depriving your children of their chance at gaining those skills employers demand in exchange for jobs.
      i. Is that something that you are willing to handicap your neighbors children with?
      b. The parents of these children will also need jobs to maintain themselves so they will also take those jobs that others in your community could have done.
      c. All of these people will effectively drive down the wages you are being paid as well as those your children and neighbors could have demanded for their labor had they not been available to take those jobs from you. Does that bother you?

      These are just a few of the questions I have for you. I could go on and on.
      Needless to say, I have to question whether you have really thought out what damage your magnanimity will do to you, your children and your neighbors. It is self evident, by the very fact that your mayor has made the statements he has, that he has not.
      Be careful, you may get what you want.

  • Colleen Finley

    I don’t know how many times I have sat in my Illinois QC home and thanked God that I didn’t live in Davenport so that I wouldn’t have to deal with Mayor Gluba. What a joke! I cannot for the life of me understand why the citizens have voted to keep him in office. He is a “I or Me” man. I’ve done this, I’ve brought this into town, it happened because of me. Me, Me, Me. All he wants are accolades regardless of the people or businesses he hurts or “walks” on each time. First off, let me state that the immigration problem in this country is a FEDERAL OR NATIONAL problem, not a state problem. I would love to know who died and left Gluba in charge of our country. The citizens are never asked before he bulldozes into things. Let’s look into this. I have seen many, many people (US citizens and taxpayers) down on their luck with their employers downsizing or whatever. They will be ashamed but buck up and go to try to get welfare or groceries or medical help to get them through this dire time in their lives. A very large percentage are turned away as “not qualified at this time”. Well, what “time” are they qualified? At the same point, I watched an illegal immigrant come to the Illinois Quads and then send for his wife, also an illegal. Within one year they had a child. (I know because I witnessed the whole thing. It was a relative who had married into our family brother and sister-in-law. The man had a very good job with the Mexican Government but was fired for insubordination and taking bribes.) They were given clothes, shelter, food, cash, and medical. This couple lived so high on the hog that I saw them grocery shopping driving a pretty new Escalade. Hello? Is anybody there? I went to the local medicaid office and tried to report this and NOTHING was ever done about it. I imagine it was partly due to the fact that they had a last name in Mexico, changed it to another last name after he was fired, and used yet a third last name here to bilk our US Government. Now, Mayor Gluba wants to take in a very large number of children without parents. They do NOT speak English, which may I remind you is the language of this country. When I visit Mexico, I do not shop and find any products that have English printed on them as well as Spanish. There are no parents here to take care of and nurture these children. They must be terrified as they do not know anyone, do not have familiar places or number one on my list for anyone living in our country, they don’t understand, nor speak, our language. It is NOT our job to mother and father these children. They need medical and inoculations, dental, facilities remodeled to house them, they need clothes to wear and food to eat,………and the list of $ just continues. Most importantly, they need to be educated. And, let’s realize that if the children are kept and taken care of, it is considered an open door for father, mother, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. to follow soon. Then our area will certainly be hurting the US citizens and taxpayers that we have. There are not enough jobs for our residents here. I see many QC young people graduate from college and have to move several states away in order to find work that pays enough to live on. We virtually have no jobs that can support a family. Face it, $8 or $10 an hour doesn’t cut it. I have been to Texas and observed the numerous Border Patrol, but the land is so vast, they cannot be everywhere. I partly blame our President for this. He made things look so good when he even passed a bill that illegals can get driver’s licenses, as well as many other opportunities. The English language, education, and citizenship should well come before any other privileges. Oh, well, I guess there are no trustworthy city politicians in the Rock Island area either. We, too, have a Mayor that astounded me that the people re-elected him. The City Council and the School Board both buy and sell land and we the cititzens and taxpayers find out about it in the newspaper after it is over and done. Our school system is riddled with employees that have drug and/or alcohol problems. Such good role models for adolescents to emulate. I would like to think that our people would be out there trying to fix the problems we already have, rather than just bringing more problems into the mix.

  • Heartland Hannah

    Ah, poor Sad – you’re saying this should be a factual discussion but your comments are purely emotional. So whether you wish to admit it or not you are part of the problem with this idea. People are “feeling” instead of “thinking”. Illegal is illegal. And teenagers from violent environments have a proven history of bringing that violent behavior with them. That’s factual and the reason why communities closer to the border have raised a fit about keeping these kids in their communities – they have seen this time and time again. It’s also a fact that we are treating these people better than US citizens. And that’s a problem. We are constantly providing education, health care and somehow even government payments to illegals. People who are in violation of our nation’s laws. Yet if any of us citizens break a law we pay the penalty. And we should. But why are people who illegally enter our country entitled to better treatment than legal, tax paying citizens? And I disagree that the only Americans are “American Indians”. I think to digress the current politically correct term is “native Americans” though those politically accepted terms change so much who knows what the phrase of the day is. Those of us with roots in this country for generations have paid for our country’s freedom with the blood of our relatives who died in wars to defend our country and/or our allies. That means something. What have people who illegally entered the US ever done for this country? Other than cost us money that could be used for our own citizens, which is hardly a “contribution.” If we continue to offer all these wonderful benefits to illegals than they will never stop coming. These kids as well as illegal adults do not belong here. They were not invited and they entered our country illegally. They do not deserve the red carpet or open armed hospitality. They need the bare minimum to survive until we figure out how to facilitate their return to their country of citizenship. Or to any country who will take them. Why do people insist on making their illegal activity our collective problem? They don’t need compassion, they need to be taught a lesson they will carry back to others with similar intentions that coming the US illegally is not a picnic! And dearest bleeding hearts, I would respect your opinions more if you actually volunteered to take in a half dozen or so of these kids into your own personal house. That would show you are doing more than spouting off feel-good prose.

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