7-year-old helps raise money for best friend’s surgery

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Seven-year-olds Braden and Quinn have been best friends since kindergarten.

Because of his cerebral palsy, every time Braden grows his muscles get tighter. There is a procedure he can have done to help, but it costs about $20,000.

Since the less-invasive special surgery is offered in New Jersey, and not in Canada where Braden lives, his family must cover all of the expenses. They were prepared to borrow the money for the surgery.

Quinn to the rescue.

“After I saw one of his physiotherapy things, and I saw how hard it was for him, I asked my mommy and daddy if I could do a lemonade stand to raise money,” Quinn said.

Quinn and Braden wore matching shirts on lemonade stand day. Their shirts read, “When life hands you lemons…..Make lemonade.”

The combination of Quinn’s lemonade stand, and an online campaign launched by his mom, raised enough money to far surpass the goal of money to cover the basic expenses of Braden’s surgery and physical therapy.

Braden says the surgery will help him walk better, so he’s looking forward to it.  His procedure was scheduled for August.

The online fundraiser for Braden had collected more than $54,000 in pledges as of Tuesday afternoon, July 8, 2014.