40 people arrested at party busted in Dixon

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Police say they arrested 40 people at a “large and out of control underage drinking party” on Independence Day in downtown Dixon, Illinois.

Police got calls reporting intoxicated people were urinating from the top of a three-story building, and throwing beer bottles from the second floor of the building, in the 200 block of West 1st Street just before midnight Friday, July 4, 2014.

Officers said they found more than 80 people partying on the second floor of the building.

A spokesman for the Dixon Police Department said 38 people were arrested and cited for municipal charges of consumption of alcohol as a minor.  The spokesman said most of the people arrested were between 18 and 20 years old.

Two 20-year-old men from Sterling were arrested on state charges for consumption of alcohol as a minor.   One of those men was also charged with two counts of resisting/obstructing a peace officer.

Most of the people arrested were not from Dixon.

“The Dixon Police Department has a long-standing policy of zero tolerance on underage drinking,” said Dixon Police Chief Danny Langloss.  “These arrests should serve as a warning to those organizing these types of parties.  We will dedicated the necessary resources to address this problem, regardless of the size.”

Langloss said the owner of the building was not aware of the party, and was cooperative with police.



  • jrandl

    Not one mention of Marijuana with all the booze and kids, Don’t you think that’s kind of odd. That means our Cartels over here are working. Racketeering is settling in all over our country thanks to this lawless government.

    • Mitch

      Or they realize marijuana isnt the problem anymore. Its kids dying from shut like K2 and alchohol poison
      Im still waiting on that one person thats been killed by weed lol

  • sue

    plus not all kids smoke pot and I’m pretty sure there isn’t a drug cartel in Dixon. Where do people come up with this stuff

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