Search on for victims of contaminated eggs produced in Iowa

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After an Iowa egg factory sold eggs that failed government inspection, and bribed a USDA inspector to overlook the failure, prosecutors were looking for people sickened by those contaminated eggs.

Employees of Quality Egg, LLC, also known as Wright County Egg, would hold egg shipments in storage for several days or several weeks and then label the eggs with false processing and expiration dates.  That meant customers did not know the true age of the eggs that got phony labeling between January 2006 and August 2010.  Eggs from Quality Egg were also found to be contaminated with Salmonella Enteriditis in 2010.

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Prosecutors now want to speak to anyone who became ill from those eggs.

“Anyone who was sickened during this time period from eggs distributed by Quality Egg, LLC is asked to visit the website for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Northern District of Iowa,” said a spokesman for U.S. Attorney Kevin Techau.

If you became ill from eggs from Quality Egg, LLC, contact victim-witness coordinator Shari Konarske at (319) 363-6333 or

You can get more information about the case online – click here.