Pay It Forward: Helping Near and Far

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Some people are always ready to lend a hand to others.
Judy Arnold says her friend Karen Kranz helps needy children and families in our area, as well as those in need in other states and sometimes countries away.
"She's always doing something" says Arnold.
The two ladies are part of a group of quilters.
They meet at the Mohassan Grotto in Davenport once a month making quilts, blankets, bags and teddy bears.
Arnold nominated Kranz for the Ascentra Credit Union/News 8 "Pay It Forward" award, because of all she does for others near and far.
"It goes to other states, we sent quilts to Moore, Oklahoma, last year for tornado victims and sent them to Missouri last month.  We just sent them to just outside Peoria, just a few months ago for tornado victims.  That was kind of my goal when I retired, I had to find something to keep busy" says Kranz.
She may be busy but she is not alone in her mission to help others.
"I've been lucky enough I found some good ladies to pitch in and join me.  They're all volunteers we all volunteer our time and sometimes they volunteer supplies for us" she says.
Some ladies cut and tie the no-sew quilts,  others piece together material and another makes teddy bears.
 "Some of them go to cancer patients that are getting chemo and a little tag goes on it.  I print on cloth to make your journy bearable and on the back is our logo Threads of Friendship from Mohassan quilters"  says Kranz.
Today they work for those who will be in need down the road.
"She hears of a benefit and she's there with something to raise money with.  She's just a nice person.  I'm just really proud of her and she does a wonderful job"  says Arnold.
If you know someone doing great things let us know about it.  Nominate them for our "Pay It Forward" award by filling out this nomination form.