HAIL TO THE CHIEF: Future Chasers From Wildcat Country

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Back on the road again to Wildcat country and Galva Elementary.  School may not be in session quite yet but their summer program is, and its right up my alley.  Check out our future chasers!


Now, I didn’t stress to them to go out on their bikes and start chasing storms. I think they would lock me up and throw away the key.  I can confidently say that they know their weather especially when it comes to weather safety.  As long as they know what to do when those sirens go off then the level of fear drops dramatically.  Proud of you guys!

We shared some great stories and many laughs.  Check out the shirt they gave me to show off on the 6pm newscast:

Big thank you to Mrs. Kitterman, Mrs. Warner, Mrs. Nordstrom, Mrs. Landis, Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Corkill.  You were awesome!!