Davenport business owner says the city “forgot about us” during flood

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The owner of Pet Pals in Davenport said she didn't receive proper help from the city during the early-July 2014 flood.

Pet Pals, which sits off the Mississippi River, shelters dozens of cats and dogs for customers.

When the flooding began Monday, June 30,  Margee Marsengill told News 8 she asked Davenport Public Works for four loads of sandbags. She received one load.

Wednesday, July 2, she was still waiting for the other three loads.

“I called them no less than four times and they said they would bring me some more sand, but they never did,” said Marsengill.

The flooding waters are inching closer to her building. By Tuesday, her parking lot was almost completely under water.

“We had about two-dozen dogs in the building at the time, so we had to move them to a different place,” Marsengill said.

On Wednesday, Marsengill and her father were pumping water from the parking lot using a generator.

They placed large concrete blocks, laid down plastic, and used what sandbags they had to prevent the water from creeping closer.

News 8 reached out to Davenport Public Works, but they have not returned our call.