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Let’s Move Quad Cities: Weight-lifting myths busted

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by Beth Davis, Let’s Move Quad Cities Fitness Blogger

What if I told you there was a way to burn more fat, improve your heart health and look better in your clothes?

Well, there is, and it is as easy as including some weight training 2 to 3 times a week into your exercise routine.

Let’s bust some myths and answer some of the most common questions about weight lifting!

Myth 1: “Will lifting heavy weights give me have thunder thighs?”

Myth Busted: One of the first concerns I hear from women is that they will get bulky. It is actually not that easy for women to grow huge muscles because men have about 15-20 times the testosterone that women have in their body. A woman squatting or lifting heavy weights can expect the muscle to respond and develop more tone and shape. Lift heavy and get tone!

Myth 2: “I am too old or too young to start lifting weights”

Myth Busted: In reference to something I mentioned earlier, we lose muscle mass every decade! Lifting weights can only help you maintain that strength that helps with mobility and strengthens bones to ward off frailty that comes with age. As for younger children, always supervise any weight training with a qualified professional. Any concern about ‘stunting growth’ is not true unless you drop a dumb bell on the growth plate and break it!  Young & old can benefit from resistance training.

Myth 3: “If you build all that muscle it will just turn into fat later”

Myth Busted: Muscle and fat are two completely different types of cells and muscle does not disintegrate into fat if it is not used regularly. Muscle can shrink if it is not used; say if you decide to ditch the weight training and watch endless episodes of Matlock! It will shrink and allow more room for fat to move in when you expend fewer calories and start packing on the pounds! So no, muscle doesn’t turn into fat but if you don’t use your muscle you will burn less calories and gain fat!

Myth 4: “Doesn’t cardio burn more calories?”

Myth Busted: The answer is No! In fact weight training is the fastest way to burn more calories and continue burning calories after you complete your weight training session. There is a smaller ‘Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption or  (EPOC)’ with aerobic activity then with weight training. You basically stop burning calories when you stop running, but the burn continues long after you are done lifting weights!

Dancing around with pink, two-pound dumbbells is doing nothing for you ladies! Get Beth’s tips for getting on the right track with weight training – click here.


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