Viral Video: Rescuers completely transform terrified, matted abandoned dog

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Matted and living on the streets, a dog had an amazing transformation when an animal rescue organization took him in.

Hope for Paws’ founder, Eldad Hagar, found the dog in Compton, California. He was living on the streets and his fur was horribly dirty and matted.

The dog, later named Theo, had been abandoned by his owners and it took rescuers to use a little force and coaxing for Theo to be comfortable with people again.

After he was groomed and re-introduced to people, Theo formed a friendship with three pit bulls while in foster care with The Mutt Scouts, according to the Huffington Post.

The Mutt Scouts are looking for a home for Theo in the LA County area.

Theo's transformation, photo from The Mutt Scouts

Theo’s transformation, photo from The Mutt Scouts

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