Iowa congressman co-sponsors measure to keep Saturday mail delivery

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Iowa Congressman Tom Latham says a House Appropriations Committee amendment will prevent the Postal Service from halting Saturday mail delivery.

The U.S. Postal Service announced changes that would reduce the types of mail delivered on Saturdays. Plans to eliminate Saturday mail delivery were delayed when they discovered the USPS needed approval from Congress to make such a change.

The Postal Service has repeatedly reported financial difficulties. Other cost-saving measures such as neighborhood mailbox locations and an end to door-to-door delivery have also been proposed.

Latham said Wednesday, June 25, 2014 that he and Representative Jose Serrano of New York will co-sponsor an amendment that maintains six-day delivery from the USPS. He said Saturday delivery is too important to people who live in rural areas and to people who rely on Saturday delivery for medicines and other necessities.

“While the USPS absolutely needs to continue steps to improve cost saving measures, those steps should not come at the expense of providing for the Iowans and all other Americans who rely upon routine postal delivery,” Latham said. “I am also concerned about any proposals that could eliminate small town post offices or hurt those rural business that rely on Saturday mail.”

“Moving to a five-day mail delivery is not the answer,” Latham said.