New Bakery Fills A Sweet Spot In Downtown Davenport

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Cakes, Cookies, Pies, Scones, Cinnamon Rolls, Cupcakes... You name it, Tiphanie Cannon bakes it.

"Oh So Sweet By Tiphanie" just opened at 314 N. Main Street in Downtown Davenport. The Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce will hold a Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting on Thursday, June 26th, 2014 at 4pm.

It all began in her kitchen.

"I've been baking out of my home for almost two years and when I first started I just had one little oven and one little mixer and people seemed to like what I was doing," she says.

Tiphanie says her name gained even more attention when she started selling her products at the Freight House Farmers Market. She then had to make a tough decision.

"We were just busting out of my kitchen so I said to my husband - either I have to stop and pull the plugĀ  completely or I have to take the next step, so I decided to take the leap!"

However, it wasn't easy turning baking into a business. Before it was hers, Tiphanie describes the storefront in the United Cigar Building as "nothing."

"It had no ceiling. It had no walls. No drywall. No floor," she says.

Tiphanie hired 13 employees, bought brand-new equipment and high quality ingredients, and renovated the space into an urban and unique bakery.

"It's been a marathon," she explains. "It's not something that happens easily and it's not something that happens quickly."

But Tiphanie says she's happy she chose Downtown Davenport.

"I love the Collins at 'Me & Billy'," she said. "They have been so supportive. They're actually the ones that suggested I look downtown. It has so many great things going on with all of the new housing and the new restaurants and the salons. I think it's a cool place to be."

"Oh So Sweet" and "Me & Billy" are both part of a major milestone for Downtown Davenport. According to Kyle Carter, the Executive Director of the Downtown Davenport Partnership, the United Cigar Building was 65% vacant prior to renovations, but is now 100% occupied.

"It's hard work," says Tiphanie. "This is probably the hardest thing I've ever done but if you really want it then - I know it sounds cliche - but you kind of just have to keep persevering."

Tiphanie won 2nd Place at Quad Cities Fast Pitch, a business competition sponsored by WQAD which offered cash prizes to the top five finalists. Tiphanie says she used her $1,000 winnings on the interior design of the bakery.

"I wanted to make it urban and comfortable for both men and women."

The interior includes a quote on the wall: "What began with inspiration and hard work has become a real life place where people share a cup of coffee and something sweet."

Today, Tiphanie is tasting that sweet success.

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  • rob

    Cupcakes are over priced at 3.00 per cupcake every other bakery or cupcake place I’ve been too is 2.00 overall I would say taste would be a 5 out of 10. Also please change that horrible elevator music

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