Kevin Costner visits Field of Dreams for movie’s 25th anniversary

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Heaven and Iowa, it was 25 years ago that the two became one in the same, thanks to the Field of Dreams.

The weekend of Friday, June 13, 2014 Kevin Costner was back and spending a couple days back at the ballpark visiting with old friends, signing autographs and have a catch with his own kids.

It was the late 80s when Kevin Costner, who was then 33, became part of Iowa lore forever. Now 59, he came back, bringing his kids and taking a moment alone with them to reminisce, before the crowd rolls in.  He played some ball with them on the site that made movie history 25 years ago.

Soon fans would be crowding around to get their picture. All were there to celebrate the movie Field of Dream's 25th anniversary. Fans of all ages and from all over the country came out to the baseball field in Dyersville, Iowa.

Fans says the day was more than just baseball and celebrities.

"I just hope anyone that comes out here or see the movie just takes out of it what they should take out of it about you know spending time with your family," said one movie fan.